Great form for employee use of the Town’s real and chattel property and vehicles

The Town Manager, Mr. Jones, also completed a form Entitled “Receipt for Town Property” for Employees for vehicles they use or take home, Laptops, Gas Cards, Tablets, Cell Phones, GPS Locator, Access Card or other property.

It states (and I am certain this was drafted by our Attorney due to the prior usage by individuals like Andrew Greene and the Fire SUV)

“I acknowledge that I have received the following property: Town policy does not permit the use of Town facilities meeting rooms, or conference rooms or Town equipment other than for Town Business, unless such facilities or equipment are available in accordance with established policy on a regular basis to the general public in which instance, the use of such shall be on the same conditions as for the public. Furthermore, Town vehicles cannot be used to run personal errands, recreational excursions, or personal visitations. If an employee is permitted to take a vehicle home, the vehicle is not to be driven unless returning directly to work, or responding to an incident at a Town facility. No unauthorized use will be tolerated.

I agree to keep the property in working condition and to notify management should the property malfunction in any way, or should the property be lost, damaged or stolen. Furthermore, I agree to return this property at the end of my employment. When I no longer need one or more of the items, I will immediately return the property to my supervisor”

This form requires an employee’s signature. Except for White Springs Government, Long Gone are the days when even executives are allowed their company vehicles for personal use and one must keep track of their mileage for business use on a monthly expense sheet. It is not like the days, when I was told that I should give all my receipts for fuel and maintenance of my company vehicle to the Agency to pay, whether or not it was business or personal. At that time, there was only one stipulation I had to uphold, even if I was a VP, my husband was not, or anyone else, allowed to drive the Company vehicle for any reason.

Government was far more stringent at the time and if anyone used a government vehicle for personal use, they were fired or told to resign. There is no way to break down fuel which is personal or fuel which is commercial or for business purposes. That is the reason people are paid by the mile for their expenditures. And by the way, although my Agency would have paid for both because of my being in upper management,sales and a closer for others, I would have felt guilty if I did not fill the company vehicle with fuel on my own consistently. That was not the case with Greene I am certain.

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