Genoa had to respond Tuesday Night because WSFD did not respond


Tuesday December 4th


Well again 8:30pm tonight 12/4 fire alarm at a residence in Town of White Springs ;dispatch paged WSFD several times no response, so Genoa was paged and responded. Such a viable and professional Fire Department we have to protect us. The cant even respond on a Tuesday night where are all these 10 firefighters?

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  1. What do you mean White Springs did not respond?? Of course our huge and functional fire department responded!! HAHAH!! OK Sarcasm off now… Seriously how much money is the WSFD being paid for supplies and services (not provided)?

  2. I will second that they never showed up mever even got on the radio all because they dont live with in 20 miles of town so what do they care this is just a club house to them when they show up because i know for fact the only people i see there are Hamilton EMS an of course little joe joe because he is a waste water employee with an office do to waste water things in a fire station because he cant stand to be around anyone at city hall but he would gladly get on his knees an suck them off to keep his job because he would never be hired anywhere else he an all them at WSFD are nothing but a waste of taxes payers money.

    1. We only have Steve Stith, the Chief who lives in Town. All others work for Century for Steve Stith. Stith is not a certified Firefighter I or II. All other firefighters are from Callihan, Alachua County and Lake City. Our Assistant Fire Chief Andrew Green blacks out from smoke and has done that grilling meat so we have no fire department.

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