Even with a formal complaint, the Town Manager and our Mayor will not comply with the law

In accordance with Article 15, Enforcement and Review, I provided Mayor Lofton with a formal complaint, including photographs of our neighbor’s tree, which not only damaged our older van by smashing the back window, which was repaired, and for which we have multiple dents.  The Tree is leaning toward power lines and multiple pieces which extended to our property have fallen on the sidewalk, which I cleaned.  It was obvious the tree was rotted and dead so it’s a matter of time.
Mayor Lofton in his wisdom said that was a Duke Energy problem so I asked him to forward the extra copy of the complaint to Duke, which he had not written his notes on.  After not hearing anything in about a month, Joe then contacted Duke Energy regarding the matter.  They responded that first it was not something that they could take care of and secondly they asked whether the Town had a code enforcement officer who could handle the matter.  In other words, it is the Town who would be responsible for any damage the tree did and subsequently the owner would end up paying for it.
So here is a formal complaint and Mayor Lofton did not see fit to do anything about it.  As for Ms. Tebo, all she said in an email was that I should please not bring in the broken branches to the meeting.
Now this is something our Ms. Werts could act upon but I do not see where the Town will ever comply with anything even if it is written up in Article Fifteen.  They would rather harass people for which no other citizen complained formally or informally.
I remember where our California neighbors complained about the three dilapidated houses on the street to nowhere (On Hamilton and Bridge Street).  And when she phoned this information to Ms. Tebo, she was told by our illustrous Town Manager that she would have to take photographs and provide the Town with information….that Ms. Tebo didn’t know what area of town she was speaking of.   Sharon and Jamie subsequently just dropped the matter and couldn’t believe the response they received.  This is our Town and how efficient is it?  Unfortunately before Ms. Werts could do anything about these three dilapidated homes, who are owned by friends of the Bullard family, Sharon and Jamie would have to make a formal complaint…and then nothing would probably be done anyway.  I understand there is a well on those properties as well which could cause problems for the safety of others, especially children.
Oh well, White Springs doesn’t believe in the law.  They hired Ms. Werts because her boyfriend is a follower of Rhett Bullard’s and so Rhett gives all his friends jobs but forgets those who live in White Springs and who would love to work for the Town and make some decent money.


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