Did you see the article in the Jasper News on Raulerson?

As many of you are aware, our former police office, who turned Radio Announcer and then joined the police force in Jennings, recently was terminated from his position per the Jasper News.

Per Kara Compo, News Reporter for the Jasper News, she stated:
“Berry Raulerson attended the Jennings Town Council’s Dec. 4 meeting to appeal a written reprimand and termination he received the week prior from Chief Vincent Robinson.

During the discussion on Raulerson’s termination, he told the council that town staff is afraid of the chief and have made comments about their fear.

“They are afraid,” Raulerson said. “They have said he is a ticking time bomb…we fear one day he is going to snap and shoot up the place.”

Town Clerk Christy Smith, who is also acting as town manager, admitted she said those comments after several people accused Raulerson of “slandering the chief.”

Tom Stone, the Town’s Attorney stated that Chief Robinson needed to give a detailed reason other than that Raulerson failed his probation and he was terminated.

‘Jerry Pittman, a councilman, said that Raulerson slept on duty and is “playing on his computer” when he is supposed to be working. Pittman served as a witness to the termination the previous week’.
Councilman Charles Barrett had heard enough about the ongoing issues regarding the police chief and town staff.

What was interesting to find out was John Davis now is a police officer in Jennings and Davis stated Raulerson does his job. You will recall that although Officer Davis was liked by the White Springs community he was asked to resign from the White Springs police force. It was not that he did anything wrong except that he also was the code enforcement officer and resigned because of what Councilor Tonja Brown requested him to do. This matter is being investigated by the Commission on ethics and the paperwork from the investigator will be reviewed next week with hearings in January.

Berry Raulerson, however, was far more interesting when working for White Springs. He frequently followed good looking women by vehicle , and would stop them. I remember one young beautiful African American lady who was followed by Raulerson and he frightened her to death. And when he found she had a baby in the back that he said was not restrained properly (The lady took the baby out of the restraint when she was stopped, he fined her. She went to court and told the Judge the story about his following her through town made her nervous and after she completed the discussion of what Raulerson had told her, the Judge dropped the charges. There were more than one pretty lady who was followed by Raulerson. One said he followed her out of Town into Columbia County and at first she did not know he was a police officer and even when she did she was frightened of him. She managed to turn into a yard and he did not follow her further. I say what was the point?

When I moved here Raulerson stopped by to talk to Joe Frequently. At one time, when Jim Smith left his trailer on Joe’s premises, lawn equipment was Stolen. Someone Joe had working for him said he could get that equipment back because it was found if Joe paid $200. Joe and the African American man went to the wooded area where the transaction was made. When the equipment was brought to the house, it was found it belonged to the City of White Springs so Joe called Raulerson who said it had been stolen that night. Raulerson received credit and worked with the criminal’s girlfriend, tased him and then he was brought to justice for that and robbing at Belly’s and the old Dollar General.

When Firecrackers were thrown at our house and vehicles by the Greene boys, and recognized by our Neighbor, Raulerson did nothing but Jay Gotlib another Police Officer went to Andrew Greene and warned him and his cousin that they did not want to do that or would end up in jail. It stopped. It seemed as though Raulerson received credit for locating a vehicle which had been stolen and was found in another state, yet the Officer who did all the work, also who was credited, was Jay Gotlib.

Personally I never trusted Raulerson and I saw many instances where he did not follow the law, would fabricate stuff about people and made threatening remarks. I cannot prove it, but since he spent a great amount of time at Councilman McKenzie’s house and McKenzie was much involved with Camel Club Members, I believe he, Raulerson, was “Superman” who made all the disparaging remarks.
A decision should be made this Monday as to the disposition of Raulerson’s appeal.

As for Officer Davis, he had an excellent case against the Town for Retaliation as no one should have done what they did to this very nice young officer. If you will recall, Officer Davis went on leave because of the birth of his baby and after he wrote a letter terminating his Code enforcement Position, when he returned to the Department he was asked to leave. Chief Tracy should have stuck up for him in spite of Stacy Tebo and Tonja Brown but everyone was afraid of being fired.

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