Daughter of Citizen Disappointed in White Springs

In the five minutes for Citizens from the floor to speak, Lucy Smith of Lake City spoke to the council with her disappointment of how the Town has treated an 84 year old. Rita Cooks has been a resident of White Springs for some 75 years and had to go to the hospital and then another home care facility.

All utilities were kept on so that Mrs. Cooks could have hope that she may someday return home.
Initially she requested that the Water be left on but that the garbage bill be taken out but due to an ordinance that required garbage be included, she accepted that. Then she received a bill for some $200 dollars. Her Mother had never been late. Although the Sewer Rate was removed and forgiven on the bill, it was found that a Pipe had burst after her nephew went to check on the house and it since has been repaired and her nephew now lives in the house. She was angered because we treated an 84 year old badly and that we in White Springs should have a system like Lake City whereby they will contact you if they believe your water flow is increasing.

Mayor Miller is looking at New Technology, she advised Mrs. Smith but that currently our Town cannot afford it. The Town Staff did the best they could by removing the sewer bill and Mayor Miller said we can look at the ordinance.

Anita Rivers said that she believed there was some formula for out of town people. She said she would look into it.

I know our neighbors across the Street advised us that the cost of sewer water and garbage was ridiculous so they shut off their water and if it is needed when they come back from California the $300 Deposit to start it up is less expensive. Whether they are still doing that since they have been in FL more frequently of late, I do not know.

I also know that when we fill our pool in the Spring, we notify Town Hall and the meter is read and then read after the pool is filled so that we are not charged for sewer for the duration of maintaining the pool by filling it with water.

What I have never understood is why they call the $300 Deposit as a deposit because it is not returned after the first year of paying one’s bills and it is never paid. Only if someone who paid the deposit may move it to a new residence in White Springs, otherwise, there will never be a return of any kind if one moves out of town.

Karin for the blog

The Caption reads: Which Ordinances apply to Griffin and Which Ordinances apply to everyone else. I made up this cartoon for Bill Lawrence because actually the Town had special ordinances for Joe Griffin aside from those of other citizens. Bill Lawrence loved this caption so much that I presented the original to him in a frame for his memory of White Springs.

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