Criticize us if you will…

Yes the majority of us wish for White Springs to work but after years and years of history to the contrary, hope seems to be dissipating. Neither Joe or I are geniuses but we are logical with experience, background and much higher than average IQ’s. Talking about tons of paperwork should not be a big deal. Tommie Jones has organizational skills per his astrology chart and he should be able to sort the subject matters into piles, and all paperwork into chronically date order, read what is in each pile and start working on what was not done. That is just logical.

I probably have had to fix more problems in house in spite of my being in sales while in the insurance industry. That is what I was good at. I remember when I left an agency in Reno and they lost a tremendous amount of their large accounts and asked me to return, when I went into that office there were piles of papers and files on the floor of my office and I did just what I stated above. Some items were urgent; some where items that could be handled in time, so I secured the files, worked on the piles and had everything organized in an eight hour day, while handling some of the urgencies immediately.

One has to make certain accounts are serviced and in White Springs Town Hall, that is not something that is required. Until any of you have had to work in the private sector pertaining to Insurance, accounting or law, don’t criticize someone who has worked in these areas. Look at our Town Attorney Meagan Logan, she is extremely intelligent and knows the law. She has constantly had to jump to the requirements of this town and is doing so in an exemplary manner even though the Town has had her do things that I believe are definitely off the cuff. Of course we cannot afford a Meagan Logan to be our Town Manager and she surely would not wish to be so. Anything Joe and I have offered, whether our help or information on the blog is because we believe that things can be better. But everyone here is too proud to allow suggestions especially from two deplorables.

We have constantly heard about how we should forget the past and even nationally, the Liberals are getting rid of statutes and trying to rewrite history. By doing so, if one has not reviewed the problems of the past and that includes even how the military studies what has worked in the past wars, we definitely will not get a better future.
Our stating the problems of the past whether by past or current officials is not to criticize them but to also show that in the past they definitely did not do what was right because of their agendas and if we do not change that, we are definitely doomed to failure.

What I have noticed about White Springs officials is that they have never had leadership roles in their life where their decisions could either be successful or detrimental. Instead it is all about personality, and egos that need to be stroked. They make promises and feel that providing the citizens with superficial things will make the Citizens feel they are great and hire them by election again. We have many African American’s in Town and unfortunately many would not be in this town if they could afford it. They are hard working for the most part but do not have business acumen and look to the Officials to handle the Town. Yet the officials are too busy with their own agendas and wish to do enough or say enough so they will be re-elected, but what have they done in the last 20 years? Well they have increased our taxes and fees, but nothing substantial to help the citizens pocketbook has manifested, nor have even the streets been fixed. Thank you Rhett, Stacy and Lofton for that but for spending the money of LOFT on other things.

History needs to be studied by someone astute who can guide the officials into a better White Springs, but most people who could do so, do not wish a part of the Town Council….and I am not talking about Joe and I solving all of your problems or being involved in a failing town where we are not wanted, because it has only been our intent to assist the Town with our ideas.

So laugh and comment about us all you will and feel so sorry for the people and officials who frankly should not find anything about this transition that hard. It’s a matter of logic, practicality, organization and prioritization and the ability to read and write and speak on the telephone intellectually.

Karin for the blog

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  1. We attended the special meeting of August 3, 2015, regarding the $92,662
    which we owe Hamilton County for the Jewett Street project. We are
    correct in that FEMA paid White Springs that amount for the claim and the
    money was not earmarked for Hamilton County but spent out of the general
    fund. The Damage to Jewett Street happened two years prior.
    Former Mayor Miller also referred to the fact that in the Powell and Jones
    Audit, the $92,662 came in and then the audit showed that the $92,662
    went out, so it looked like it had been paid or why did the auditor not catch
    that when processing the operating budget?

  2. It is always some one else’s fault. Who hired the accountant if it wasn’t for Walter and Rhett and his gang of three. That’s the problem. What is the difference in the cub scouts and the Town Council of White Springs? Answer: The Cub Scouts have adult leadership.

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