Brazil’s talks about the present like it hasn’t happened before.

Thomas W. Brazil says:
December 9, 2019 at 6:40 pm
Yes you are the epitome of genius and I am sure could run the Town with perfection immediately fixing all the past problems and sins of 20+ years. However, never mind that Miller is trying to get Town finances straightened our by hiring a CPA firm. That Tebo left Tommy with piles of paper, and a key broken off in the secured files cabinet, no computer access, etc. Pam bailed on FMLA leaving virtually no instructions, passwords or information regarding her duties and never bothered to teach Yvonne any of Pam’s duties guarding the sacred orb of knowledge to insure her job security. The mess that is White Springs created be the likes of Lofton, Bullard and others will not be fixed overnight as no one has the magic wand. It will take time, effort, and hard work but the constant bashing does nothing to help the situation. Lets all hope that the current Town leadership is successful in making White Springs better.

Joe Griffin says:
December 9, 2019 at 7:06 pm
Don’t bet on it. We’ve had this exact situation 4 times in the 20+ years I have lived in town. Until we get competent people trying to solve the complete corruption it will never be fixed until the state takes of over,

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  1. I won’t be silent anymore. The past continues to happen and as far as I am concerned we are bankrupt and do not have the money even Tommie wants to spend on security. Believe me when I say during the Helen Miller Farley tenure that the money already was disappearing before Bullard and Lofton took over, They just assisted in bringing the money into a negative posture because of continually getting grants and that is the Council’s problem, not just Ms. Tebo’s. Here are some of my notes from that time and that is the reason the Town did not wish the Griffins involved:

    1. Joe Griffin desired an FDLE audit in order to establish mis-appropriated funds and losses of Grant Money of $40,000, which finally was replaced with Sewer and Water funds..

    2. Joe E. Griffin was given information concerning the Mayor’s misuse of town funds by Councilman Richard Marshall. A check was issued for the HOPE program by PCS for which the Mayor, Helen Miller instructed Pam Tomlinson, Finance Director, to use all but $2,000 for legal services (council had voted not to spend money on the Charter School), Travel for her Husband Ed (to be paid to his Visa Card) and $1,000 to FLOW (a project Helen Miller is involved in but which does not involve the Community)

    3. Joe E. Griffin was in possession of copies of payments made by the Mayor for the Carver School Project, et al, which were not approved by the Council in excess of $25,000.. When these funds were brought up by Councilman Richard Marshall, the Mayor severed ties with the HOPE program and Richard Marshall’s food pantry. As a result, even though Mayor Miller promised the council she would seek their approval in the future, the Newspaper article written by her friend and Jasper News Reporter Joyce Marie Taylor did not indicate the charge.

    4. When Joe E. Griffin tried to re-finance his home, the Town of White Springs retained liens they should have closed. Such related to Sterling United a collection agency which was retained by the Town…yet they were not notified that the property had been Garnished by the Town without notification to Griffin in advance. So when the Griffins paid Sterling King twice (long story), $4,800 was owed to the Griffins for the amount the Town owed Sterling King and Bob Farley said they were short on cash and had to use a credit card to pay us back and Koberlein could not even handle the necessary paperwork and we had to hire another attorney for $2,000 to handle it for us. The point is not what happened to us but the fact that When Miller was mayor previously, the Town of White Springs was short on cash and were not paying their attorneys on time. And if the Town had to use a credit card for $4,800 because they were short on cash, they were worse at that time, than they were with Tebo because at least we had 1.5 months of cash.

    5. The County gave us a bill for the Jewett Street Project of which the costs were over $90K…but it wasn’t paid until Stacy Tebo came in and the county had to assist with the accounting. The Town had spent over $50K of the money received from FEMA on what we do not know, but as a result the money was taken from the Sewer and Water account.

    When the Town started talking about economic development and Miller had the hotel photos hung up at the last meeting, it made me ill. I had placed information on the blog previously showing how short of cash we were. Yes Stacy put us in the finals of bankruptcy but the council agreed on everything so we just kept trying to secure grants, grants of which had to be done by a company because we do not know how. So we have a $600,000 grant. on a community Center of which Engineering etc has used up $20,000 and we need $48,000 for the building and won’t be able to pay for furnishings or anything else. This is serious and the Town should be thinking about their inventory and what they can sell in buildings, land and equipment so that we can pay our bills.

    Joe is right. We have different people taking over the Town insofar as officials but everything stays the same and we are broke as we have been before. I hope Mayor Miller starts towing the line and hiring a CPA was necessary even at the time Miller was Mayor previously. Pam is basically an accountant light and obviously could not even understand what the County gave us was a breakdown of the construction of Jewett Street and it had the words invoice. At that time everyone was so busy going after Joe and I that they never took care of business….just like the Democrats who have no real facts but have wanted to impeach Donald Trump since he was elected and have not done anything important for the rest of the country.


  2. I also remember in 2013-2014 that Mayor Miller had indicated that we had the $250,000 necessary for the sewer rehabilitation project which consisted of our share. We were told at the public meeting it was because of the increased sewer rate. The next thing that happened was Bob Farley asking the HCDA for $250,000 of which we received only $25,000.

    In the Townsend/McKire Days, there was a slush fund for any Mayor to use as a discretionary fund. That fund has not existed for years because we have had no money to spare

    And then we were wasting our time on the I-75 CR136 project for which we knew Suwannee County wished no part of White Springs involvement. In fact the area was overrun with demolished concrete which has since been picked up.


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