6 oz Bacon, Solid Chunk – rind removed

1 Tablespoon Olive Oil

2 Tablespoons all-purpose flour

1 Teaspoon salt

1/2 Teaspoon pepper

3 pounds boneless beef chuck, cut in 2 inch cubes

1/2 Cup Sliced Onions

2 to 3 Cups Basic Beef Stock

1 1/2 Cups Burgundy Wine (or you can use Bordeaux or Chianti but Burgundy is authentic)

1 Tablespoon Tomato paste

2 Cloves of garlic pressed

18-24 small pearled onions (cooked until almost tender)

1/2 pound of fresh mushrooms, thickly sliced  ( browned in butter with the Pearl onions)

4 tablespoons butter

Instead of one Bouquet Garni you may use the following:

2 Springs parsley

1 Sprig Thyme

1 Bay Leaf

  • Cut the bacon into small cubes and saute in olive oil in a large fry pan over medium heat until brown, stirring constantly.
  • Remove the bacon and place in a large casserole.
  • Mix the flour, salt, pepper and dredge the beef with seasoned flour.  Place in the fry pan and add the sliced onion.  Cook stirring frequently until brown
  • Remove from the fry pan and place in the casserole with bacon (Pour 2 cups of beef stock and the Burgundy into the fry pan and add the tomato paste, garlic, parsley, thyme and bay leaf.
  • Bring to a boil stirring to remove browned particles from the fry pan then pour over the beef mixture.
  • Add the Brouquet Garni and enough beef stock to just cover.
  • Bake in a preheated 325 degree oven for 3 to 4 hours or until the beef is tender.
  • Prepare the whole onions and mushrooms while the beef mixture is baking.
  • Cook the onions in boiling salted water until almost tender; then drain.
  • Cook the onions and mushrooms in the butter in a frypan until golden, stirring constantly.
  • Remove beef mixture from the oven and remove cover.
  • Drain the liquid into a saucepan and skim off fat.
  • Liquid should be thick enough to coat a spoon.
  • Add beef stock, if too thick or cook over high heat to reduce to sauce consistency if too thin.
  • Remove the Bouquet Garni or the parsley, thyme and bay leaf from the beef mixture and stir in the mushroom mixture.  Pour the sauce over the beef mixture and simmer for several minutes or until heated through..
  • Served with buttered noodles or cooked rice.  In Ocala a restaurant just included the Boeuf Bourguignonne by itself in a bowl, similar to a stew.  With a Mimosa and the Boeuf Bourguignonne, it was a fabulous brunch.

There is no generic recipe for bouquet garni, but most French recipes include thyme, bay leaf and parsley. Depending on the recipe, the bouquet garni may also include basil, burnet, chervil, rosemary, peppercorns, savory and tarragon.

Bouquet Garni:


This form of bouquet garni herbs are referred to as “Hunter’s Style” because of its flavor, which is slightly stronger than the traditional French herb blend. It’s delicious for game meats and roasted poultry, or to season long-simmering stews.

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