Blackjack 21 and Me contribute comments regarding the WSFD

Regarding who drove the trucks in the parade:

No it was White Springs members who drove the truck as far as I know.



Regarding the Fire Call:

What do you mean White Springs did not respond?? Of course our huge and functional fire department responded!! HAHAH!! OK Sarcasm off now… Seriously how much money is the WSFD being paid for supplies and services (not provided)?


I will second that they never showed up never even got on the radio all because they don’t live within 20 miles of town so what do they care this is just a club house to them when they show up because i know for fact the only people i see there are Hamilton EMS and of course little joe joe because he is a waste water employee with an office do to waste water things in a fire station because he can’t stand to be around anyone at city hall but he would gladly get on his knees an suck them off to keep his job because he would never be hired anywhere else he and all them at WSFD are nothing but a waste of taxes payers money.

2 Replies to “Blackjack 21 and Me contribute comments regarding the WSFD

  1. If WSFD drove the truck in the parade. Who was it? Those pictured with 2 exceptions are NOT White Springs fire fighters. Since we are on the topic of the parade and this has already been mentioned in another post. It was the fire chief who said that candy could not be thrown during the parade (at least not from the fire truck). Now he could have been just passing on a message.

  2. To answer your question you are right an wrong those people in the picture are the members who your fire chief has on paper – 1 or 2 i do not know who they are but i can tell you none of them live with in 10 miles of white springs except the chief and the one girl who im not sure even lives in town anymore but hey this is what your fabulous town manager/council wanted they are the ones who forced the old members out so that they the council an manager could protect little do nothing lazy as shit a waste of space Andrew ls job an keep him playing fireman which we all know he is most definitely not.

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