Black Jack Believes in a 24/7 Fire Department

No the county should not favor white springs. What the county needs to do is get off the asses an get into the 21 century stop living like its 1950s. This county needs to stop with this 6 different department crap an just go to a one county wide department with one fire chief. This county needs to have paid staff on 24/7 to handle calls as soon as they come out because in the fire service every minute counts an when you have to wait 15 20 30 or 45 minutes for fire to so up is just plan wrong. I say no this county should tell Stacy an Steve that this is your contract you want money from us this is what you will do or you will not get the money from us plan an simple end of story. Steve an Stacy along with the big red Rat have ruined this towns fire department and made it one big ass joke.

Karin’s comment:

I agreed we do need a paid fire department but each Town is usually rated by the ISO for a specific fire protection code. Because equipment and volunteers are hard to get, especially those who are passionate about what they do, we have always suggested a fire assessment, whether just on the vacant lots or all lots.  That would pay for Two full-time firefighters.  When it was discussed at a workshop, they again ignored it and Hamilton County, it is my understanding, doesn’t wish to go into assessments politically so it would have to be only White Springs.  We just need Stith to give up this travesty and forget about saving Andrew.  Stith has a great job and doesn’t need the hassle except for the fact that Rhett Bullard needs someone to take care of little Andrew who can’t fight a fire mentally, physically or medically, and neither can his spouse.

I believe with the two times the Board of County commissioners has allowed me to speak, and with the great information I received from former firefighters, it is now realized that White Springs does not have a Fire Department, nor has it had a fire department.  If I were the commissioners, I would be really upset that I believed in something and realized it was all a lie, which it was.

I don’t know what Hamilton County will do, but it was decided a letter would be sent to Stacy Tebo and Chief Stith by the Board of County Commissioners giving their decision that a special dispensation will not be given White Springs, especially since they cannot favor White Springs over Jennings who signed the Contract.  That means, if White Springs continues this charade, no money will be earned by White Springs.  The County will pay White Springs “zilch” to coincide with what protection services the WSFD provides the Citizens and the County “zilch.”

Rhett Bullard and Stacy Tebo may have thought they would punish Kevin Pittman because of his not wishing Andrew Greene on the fire department for safety issues, but what these two geniuses have done is eliminated a “Great” brotherhood of firefighters and bring in a fire department which only looks good on paper, but provides NO FIRE PROTECTION for the Citizens of White Springs nor the County as a whole.

Both Stith and Green should be eliminated from the WSFD and an apology should be given to all former firefighters.  Our Charter requires a full volunteer fire department or the Town has to hire a third party agency to fight fires.  So perhaps Hamilton County could be that third party agency, hiring a 24/7 Station Chief and and Assistant Station Chief for White Springs alone even if a fire assessment has to be charged the people.  At least then, we would know we would be safe and all rules and standard operating procedures would be complied with. The Town should get out of the Fire Department Business as they have no idea how important firefighters and EMT’s are and the Town thinks so little of the Fire Department that they have taken money which was earmarked for the Department or earned through fundraisers and spent it on other things they wish.  It makes me sick.

Apparently Steve Stith had a meeting with the firefighters who aren’t yesterday after the BOCC meeting so we will see what happens.   Technically since this whole matter looks bad on his reputation, he should just resign and what happens to little Andrew, happens because if the County reviews Andrews medical records, Andrew is toast.


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