Bits and Pieces

Tom Moore mentioned that we need to sell the old Jail building and we should ask $45,000 even though only $25,000-$28,000 based on the appraisal could be mortgaged. Walter McKenzie previously stated he desired $85,000. In any event Tommie Jones is to come up with the amount at which the Building could be sold so we can pay some of the other bills/projects which are ongoing. Moore stated he should look to do this, not to disenfranchise some kind of legal basis and provide information in the January meeting.

The Town Clerk, Pam Tomlinson, is still out and Tommie Jones has received her doctor’s certification which Attorney Meagan Logan requested to review. Ms Tomlinson has been paid sick leave during her absence.

Beverly Brazil is always at Town Hall but we need another computer so not only Jones or Brazil may be on the computer. Mr. Jones stated that someone may use his office with the laptop which is worthless to him because it does not have the programs necessary. And we cannot use the Server Room for another individual unless we place the server in a secure cage.

Senator Montford and Chuck Brennan have $4.8 million that can be acquired with $150,000 for a study. In any event the Town of White Springs has requested additional funds.

The Public Hearing was held and approved unanimously by all five council members:
Ordinance #19-04 – Second Reading, approving a Small-Scale Future Land Use Map Amendment for Parcel #8298-000 for Kelly and Matthew Erkinger. Ordinance #19-05 – Second Reading – Approving a Rezoning for Parcel 8298-000-REZ 2019-01 for Kelly and Matthew Erkinger, changing the zoning from Commercial to Residential Mobile Home.

Police Chief Tracy said that the Parade Permit was approved.

FDLe will be making a technical audit on December 11th. The audits are performed every three years.

Chief Tracy has compiled safety tips for Holiday Shopping and how we should be aware of these good security Tips. Mayor Miller said tthe Chief should possibly submit them to the Jasper News for Publication.

A Self Defense program is being considered and at this point we do not know whether it will be for Children, Adults and growing adult children. Tom Moore offered his CPR and Heimlich maneuver class.

There are extra sppders on Bridge Street consisting of four-wheelers. They have received warnings for now but have been told if they are caught they will be fined.

Three people have offered to volunteer at Town Hall so that is why new volunteer forms were initiated.

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