At one time the Fire Dept did not have to answer to the Town and that is the way it should be

At one Time our Fire Department, during the time John Peeler was fire chief, was its own separate entity, autonomous from the Town of White Springs.  At that time the Fire Department had various events in which the fire department earned money and had $10,000 in the bank for Fire Department usage.


When John Peeler came to Joe for help, Joe suggested seeking legal recourse to force a meeting with the Fire Department and the Town but alas, the Town threatened Peeler and the Department and the suit was dropped.


Our Town Manager at the Time, Robert Townsend, needed money for the Town and at that time, the Town took over the fire department, fired John Peeler, and confiscated the $10,000 which was in the Fire Department account.


It is obvious in the manner in which the Town has treated our Fire Department in all of these years post Mr. Peeler, that they have no idea what goes into Fire Fighting.  They have no idea what is necessary for the safety of not only the firefighters but the citizens as well.  They have not used funds given by Hamilton County for the purpose of funding the Fire Department.  They would rather pay legal bills or use the money for whatever they decided was important to the officials and staff.


Ms. Tebo had no right to fire or force Kevin Pittman to resign as fire chief.  And in the manner in which she treated this fine man who increased our certified volunteers by his training and operating procedures, I wouldn’t stay on if I were him either.  Why should he perform all of the work required of a Fire Chief while under another Chief who does not have the same experience or passion?   I can’t blame the former firefighters for leaving with Pittman.  This Town has no idea what it takes to be a firefighter, an EMT, etc.  And Stacy doesn’t have a clue about what is required for the safety and performance of firefighters.


It is time that White Springs not only allowed their Fire Fighters to be autonomous of the control of the Town Manager but also the Police Department.  Our Town Manager should only be allowed to handle general staff.  Our police and firefighters are far too important and have the appropriate education which our Town Manager does not have.  In each case, a Good Chief will keep things right but of course, I question our current Chief of Police’s abilities as I question Steve Stith, who is just doing what he has to to keep Andrew Greene in his position as Assistant Fire Chief.


Our Town has a real problem and with a manager who is drug induced and too emotional, we need her to back off both the Police and Firefighters but first we need to get some real Police and Fire Chiefs in place, rather than those who do nothing for the benefit of the Citizens of White Springs.


I pray the County finally realizes what a dilemma White Springs is in and with no money coming in with the Lack of Compliance by our Fire Department, hopefully it will be shortly that the current Chief and Assistant resign so we can have Pitmann and the rest of our firefighters back.  They actually cared about White Springs and it is because of Rhett Bullard and Stacy Tebo that we do not have a fire department.


Why on earth would the Town take the responsibility of eliminating the Greatest Fire Department we ever had when nothing was broken except for Andrew Greene?  Until Ms. Tebo goes to Fire College and goes out to fight a fire, she should have nothing to say about the firefighters.


Karin for the blog

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