Florida Statute 119 is the Florida Public Records law which basically says htat with a few exemptions the PUBLIC is allowed to see and have a copy of any public document or to view any public document that any citizen wants to see.
For 21 years the town and I have fought a continuing battle over this law as I am vitally interested in ALL Town business. There is supposed to be a public records custodian who is responsible for producing public records on demand.
Since two weeks BEFORE Stacy’s resignation became effective I have asked for and NOT received any documents I have requested. Tommie apparently doesn’t know what the Public Records Law says because he has broken it each and every day of the 6 weeks since Stacy left us. That’s what we get for hiring a non-professional to do the job for us. He also doesn’t know what the Sunshine Law (Florida Statute 286.011) says but that is a story for another day
I have asked for the documents no less that 10 times in the six weeks Tommie has been in charge. I have written both emails and left verbal instructions about the document I am looing for First it was the filing cabinet that was locked. That excuse has not been proven to be satisfactory as an excuse for NOT turning over the Public’s documents when asked for. In fact there are two case laws which say that STUPIDITY or ignorance of the law is no excuse for hiding the public’s documents from the public.
After 20 years I would have hoped that the town would not be playing “hide the documents” From me. This is solely a function of the town professional staff. This is not something that the Council needs to concern themselves with UNLESS a court case gets filed. We can’t be too far away from that happening, if I have anything to say about it.
BUT we don’t have a professional staff. That a shame that we hired someone as a consultant who doesn’t know or care about the law and worse yet doesn’t know or care about obeying the public laws.
I say get someone in the position of Town Public Records custodian and town consultant who knows what they are doing.. I hesitate to say this but it is true, Stacy on her worst day was not as opposed as Tommie is about the Publics right to know. What a joke to hire someone who doesn’t understand the laws of the state of Florida. Just another quick hire by the Town Council of an unqualified and unacceptable Town consultant.
A consultant is expected to have some expertise in order to have something to consult about. Tommie isn’t it. He is an in the darkness lack of experience consultant and should not be on the public payroll. Give an unqualified person a whistle and watch him blow it.


  1. Look Tommy was left a shit show stacy left stuff just in piles all over her desk floor chairs you name it yes i have seen it with my own eyes an yes someone did break a key off in the file cabinet so there was no way to access it. You have no clue on the mess stacy left the man is trying he truly is give him a break let him get some time in then start doing whatever you want i like you guys both of you but damn give it a rest for a few let him get things right before you start claiming all over him. Pam left an didn’t give anyone passwords to anything never told anyone how to access anything they are trying they are working hard to try an fix this town im sorry but your public records request is not as important as getting the sewer an water grant started which he is doing im sorry your public records request is not as important as getting the towns financial situation fixed which he an town staff plus volunteers who are putting in countless hours of there own time with help of the cpa im sorry your public records request is not as important as getting the town a newer fire truck to better protect its citizens which they are working on. I truly like you both just stop for a few give them a chance to get this town better because that is what they are trying to do an in the long run isn’t that what we all want because i am all for a better cleaner safer better water all around a better White Springs. Things are getting done let them work

    1. What things are getting done? Certainly not following the law. Tommie is incapable o f following the law and Pam was too dumb to understand the LAW.

      Again I say, follow the law first and foremost. What could it hurt? We’ve tried incompetence and ignorance for long enough, lets hire the best and the brightest for both the Council and Staff and follow the law.

  2. Oh Thomas. You think you know it all. Just because your mommy is there. Yes there is plenty to do however, record request still must be answered. The law says so. Tommie Boy knew what he was getting himself into. He can’t even write a letter without the attorney looking at it. You can look at most of the budget going to attorney fees once again. He’s already scared of his own shadow. If he can’t take the heat he should just walk away.

      1. Because I have been told by everyone in White Springs that Joe and I are not welcome to do so and to even try causes the Town to retaliate, so I now sit back and look at the mess at Town Hall and have to admit, our officials and their hires have put us there. In fact if you read the blog you will find that our volunteering to help Tommie didn’t turn out so well, He turned around and said we were bribing him. We don’t need those kinds of accusations when our offers were in kindness so now we have learned our lesson, we the Griffins will no longer offer to volunteer our help. Karin for the blog

        P.S. Joe was referring not to Tommie but to Thomas B who has warned us continually that we need to give Tommie a chance….and all we see is puppeteers leading good ole Tommie down some path.

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