Regardless of whether he is a contractor or an employee he still should have a contract. Stacy had one, Bill had one, the guy from Live Oak Farley had one, even Townsend had one but not Tommie. Now you could say that since he is a consultant and not an employee that he doesn’t need a contract. But Meagan has one and she is AN INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR. Every Independent Contractor that the town has ever had had a letter of understanding (contract) to have him or her keep her position, but not Tommie. Is it because Helen and Meagan don’t trust him, apparently.

Why you ask? Because as an independent Contractor he has no where to stand when the town decides he is no longer needed, he can’t even go to court for wrongful termination. Boy wouldn’t that have been sweet if Stacy or Tracy were an independent contractor. But no the Council, in its infinite wisdom decided to give her an employment contract based upon a thorough investigation  of her background, a drug test and other factors. We had five people apply for the Town Manager’s job when Stacy got the job, and she demanded a contract and even a two year contract after her second year.

What’d the problem? Nothing is you don’t care of whether Tommie has any job security. And he obviously doesn’t care either so why an I making a fuss about it. In my 20 or so years living in Town, never once, NOT ONE SINGLE TIME< have we hired the best and the brightest for any position. Think about it. I am making a fuss about it because Helen promised me that if we just got her back on the Council and in the Mayor’s chair that s he would do everything according to the book, no more cutting corners on personnel or financial decisions. Boy did I buy into that pile of crap. That is all she has done since she became Mayor again and apparently all she did in her prior stint as Mayor, We’ve never lost a council member for overstepping her bounds before. Now you can, and I did argue, that she was being railroaded by a vindictive full of crap Mayor (Rhett) and a Town Manager who was on an ego trip. But history, since she has been in this time, leads credence to the fact that Rhett and Stacy were somewhat right. Helen does overstep her bounds. That’s why she has a Ethics Complaint against her now.

For the life of me I don’t know what is so wrong with following the Charter and the Law instead of looking for a loophole to wiggle through get your desires done. We’re broke, you can’t argue that. We’ve taken the shortcut so long and so often that it now takes us twice as long to do anything. Tommie was a shortcut, and a big one. He is unqualified and ill-equipped to handle any position of authority. But, and this is my opinion, Anita and Nikki convinced Helen to hire Tommie because he is BLACK and for no other reason. What’s wrong with hiring the best and the brightest? They may not be a black lying dog as Tommie is that is why.

Helen promised me that she would do what is best for the Town and not was best for her public persona. She lied to us. She’s left us at the ticket window and is charging us 30 pieces of silver to stay on her crooked train. And what choice does any of us have? Why none of course until ELECTION TIME. Hell Tommie as a Town resident can’t even run for Council because of his criminal past. Not qualified to be a Council member but qualified to be a Consultant masquerading as a Town Manager.

Its a joke brought to us by Helen, Anita, Nikki and Meagan. I’m not laughing.

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