The RHATT Pack Watch Day 222

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 222


Today is Monday, December 3rd, Day 222 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.


The 2018 Florida Statute, Title XXXVII – Insurance, Chapter 633 – Fire Prevention and Control defines all of the State’s regulations regarding State, Regional and Local Fire Protection and within it’s Part IV ,specifically, it addresses Fire Standards and Training.  Florida’s Legislature believed that Fire Protection and Control always has been, remains and always will be so important to the Citizens of Florida, that by Statute 633.104 – State Fire Marshal; authority; duties; rules – (1), the Legislature designated the State’s Chief Financial Officer, a Cabinet position, as the State’s Fire Marshall.


Among other activities, the Division of the Fire Marshall is responsible for Florida’s Fire Prevention Code.  Florida’s State Fire College and Florida’s Fire Service Certification.


In the fire prevention and control industry, there are a multitude of different position’ functions.  The State Fire College offers a couple of dozen different competency and certification programs to meet the State’s, Counties’ and Municipalities’ needs at it’s facilities in Ocala.  Whether an individual plans to be a permanent, full-time or volunteer firefighter, that individual must take the appropriate courses, pass tests and physicals and receive a certification to be allowed to work as a firefighter in Florida.  This is an absolute minimum to be a firefighter.  However, most Counties and Municipalities establish additional requirements to ensure that firefighters in their jurisdictions are qualified for the unique environment and conditions specific to their locality. 


As you know, the Fire Department that White Springs built was destroyed by the Red-face Ratt and his “Out of Town” Lapdog “Just keep paying me” Tebow so they could provide one of the Ratt’s Boy Toy’s “Cousin” Andrew with a free, after tax Fire Department Emergency Vehicle and a bunch of Town Credit Cards.  That means the Town’s Fire Department Emergency Vehicle is no longer in White Springs, the vast majority of the time.  Generally, it’s in Lake City, so “Cousin” Andrew can watch his favorite soap operas.  But sometimes, it’s at a shopping center, or a movie theater, or he could be visiting friends or relatives even hundreds of miles away; say in the Tampa/ St. Petersburg area.


That wouldn’t be much use to White Springs residents if there were an emergency; but what the heck, you know what the Ratt says “Us Cousins gotta stick together”.   It’s not certain that it would be useful even if “Cousin” Andrew were inadvertently in Town and responded to an emergency.  “Cousin” Andrew is known to have health problems that negate his ability to perform any emergency function.  According to a source close to “Cousin” Andrew, not too long ago, while attending a birthday party, apparently “Cousin” Andrew blacked out when he got a whiff of the fumes from the birthday candle.  He also blacks out whenever he gets near a backyard barbecue in operation.   Just think about this for a minute.  First, if he were to tell the truth, he couldn’t pass a physical to be a firefighter.  But just in case a physician slipped up and he did pass, do you want “Cousin” Andrew responding to a fire at your home?  He’d probably blackout before he arrived at your place anyways.  Maybe that’s why the Ratt and the Lapdog pay him not to be in Town.  It’s certainly not for any work he does because he doesn’t do any.  Ain’t “Cousins” great?


The Ratt and the Lapdog feign having a White Springs Fire Department.  It’s complete hogwash and everyone knows it.  It’s unlikely that either Fire Chief “Conflict of Interest” Cousin Steve or Fire Marshal “BoyToy Destroyer of Evidence” Cousin Andrew could obtain and hold a firefighting position in any medium to large Municipality in the State.  They’re not qualified.  Help stop this ongoing corruption in White Springs.  Call the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000.


If you have a fire, avoid “Cousins” Steve and Andrew and the Ratt.  It’s Day 222 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack Watch continues!

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