You think we hate but look at yourselves, your hate is far worse and real

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Move on it will be ruled unfounded mark the day I told you so! This just shows the hate you Griffin have and who will you stalk next!

It is so easy for all of you to say we hate but truly we feel sorry for you all. But who has hated the Griffins from the day Joe Moved here. I have never met such a despicable group of people as I have in White Springs. And the sad thing is, most of you think yourself perfect and can tell us how bad we are and how we should not look into the past but only to the future. And you are relying your hate of us on pure lies. You are like the people who are trying to change history and frankly there is much to be learned about history. I was just criticized for complaining about the amphitheater and showed an article where we tried to use grant money where we should not have and somehow we were short $40,000. It was mentioned in this meeting to use the FRDAP grant for the CBDG project so here we go again.

You have never walked in our shoes and have never been treated as badly as we have for just asking that the law be followed. You have lied about us and made up stories continually. We have gone over and above to assist many of the current officials to get back in power because they were better than what was happening to us and promised to follow the law and get things done. And what do we get for that Councilwoman Rivers and Nikki Williams saying some of the worst things ever about us and then wonder why we fight back.

This Town has done nothing but give special privileges to certain people and make stories about the Griffins, most of which are not true. I never had a problem before moving here; I was looked up to in my career and outside of my career and had many people who wished to be around me. This happens when Joe and I are on trips but in White Springs, most of you including those we have helped greatly continually stab us in the backs so the hate continues.

If you really read the articles we have provided they have included truthful items of what is really happening and ideas of how to possibly assist the Town or increase profitability in festivals. We did not have a record of Grand thefts drugs and the like and this entire Military Scenario was brought forth so that my husband would not be elected. You all couldn’t stand the truth and wanted the blog shut down. We are treated worse and have been treated worse by most in this town and I ask for what reason. You hate to know the truth and to be fair and honest, much of our information has come from credible sources and the other information has come through the legal system. No it is not hate we have because I truly believe some of you don’t know any better. You obviously feel what you do to us is justified and you continually lie about us because then you are part of the group that can feel superior. Well do what you wish and I know you will because as far as I am concerned the things you say and do are despicable.

As far as I am concerned history and what happened previously is important to assure that one does not do the same things in the future. The history of White Springs shows there has never been a plan or goals and that is still the same today. The meetings are still scattered of spend spend spend and save save save but what is the goal? I bet you all don’t know but you sure have advice for us. Well it is our blog and I will write as I see fit. Thank you

Karin for the blog

PS None of those items which were dismissed by the Commission on Ethics were dismissed because they were unfounded but rather because of the RUDD Act. The RUDD act allows officials to make decisions even though they are not in accordance with the law but because no Agency or Commission may get involved in another Agency’s business.

Also maybe you should be concerned because the investigator was interested in the Red SUV favoritism.

Joe’s comment:

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Not you because you are such a COWARD that you have not given a name. Instead you hide behind a fake name never telling or taking responsibility for your own words. Typical of a White Springs Life long resident of this beautiful yet crooked town.

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  1. Who am I? No again you 2 small people griffin’s are wrong again! You posted you would know January 6th the outcome of your ethic complaints, I’m telling you to move on it’s been unfounded! Damn you have no idea what’s going on. You have to much HATE! You 2 have done nothing but moan and groan forever nonmatter what! Hell somebody drop the griffins fifty grand off at their front door so they can complain that you violated some odd crapp and slap the gift horse.

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