You must be one of the defendants or a relative of, to our complaints born an raised

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Who am I? No again you 2 small people griffin’s are wrong again! You posted you would know January 6th the outcome of your ethic complaints, I’m telling you to move on it’s been unfounded! Damn you have no idea what’s going on. You have to much HATE! You 2 have done nothing but moan and groan forever nonmatter what! Hell somebody drop the griffins fifty grand off at their front door so they can complain that you violated some odd crapp and slap the gift horse.

Karin’s comment

I didn’t know that you filed or were one of the individuals who someone complained to the Commission on ethics about. Only those whom the complaint was about and only those who were the plaintiffs are the ones to know that information. So I will wait for the commission. And like I stated, it all stemmed on the Rudd Act. In each case prior they did not say the acts were unfounded and you can get that from public records dumb ass…. Instead they said that it was up to Management to handle the matter because they cannot get involved in the office matters of the Town even though much of this was against the law.

For one thing, they could not get involved with LOFT and sent it back to us to be handled through the Department of Transportation who worked very hard to get the right agency to look at it. Fortunately we had a Council who did handle this one and the council and our Town attorney were right. You have lost it buddy and the reason we place this on the blog was because Arthur Natteal sent Joe an e-mail asking when the decisions would be made by the Commission. Many of the complaints were a combined effort of more than one citizen it is just that we the Griffins, since we are used to abuse by people like you, took it on behalf of more than one person.

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  1. Who am I? Keep your lying up the truth of your complaints are very well know and tired of! They bare your name Griffin the big liar! File some more every county and state agency is fed up your pig squealing! Who am I?

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