Yes Tommie, Background Checks existed prior to your hiring per the Miller deposition in our Civil Rights case

A.· ·Well, I believe that our town manager or the
18· police department ran a criminal background check.· So
19· I never heard — I never was informed that the
20· background check had been conducted, and that they
21· found that there was a criminal record.
22· · · Q.· ·With respect to Ms. Rivers, do you know one
23· way or another whether the police department did a
24· background check on her?
25· · · A.· ·I don’t know.

Page 43
·1· · · Q.· ·Would it be standard practice for you to do a
·2· background check on employees?
·3· · · A.· ·It is now.
·4· · · Q.· ·Do you know if it was at the time Ms. Rivers
·5· was hired?
·6· · · A.· ·I believe so.
·7· · · Q.· ·Who at the police department would have been
·8· responsible for running that background check?
·9· · · A.· ·I don’t know if it’s the police department or
10· the town staff, because I know that town staff run
11· background checks, and I — there are different kinds
12· of background checks, different levels, apparently.
13· So I know that one is conducted at least by Town
14· Hall — by town staff, not the police department.
15· · · Q.· ·And who’s town staff?
16· · · A.· ·By the town clerk, the town manager, or the
17· administrative assistant.· I think any of those three
18· can do, I guess, the lowest level of background check.
19· · · Q.· ·Does your town have staff other than those
20· three you just mentioned?

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