With Tommie Jones it is just like Christmas

November 12,2019 Regular Scheduled Meeting:    Tommie Jone’s contract has been completed by our Town Attorney Meagan Logan. And although the council was given just a short time to review the contract Walter McKenzie mentioned that Tommie’s hours should not be fixed under the contract as 10:00 am – 2:00 pm because his position is flexible. Meagan’s associate who acted as attorney in her absence from the first part of the meeting stated that we can substitute the work Hours “COMMONLY” between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. The Council then agreed unanimously to the contract as written.

Tommie Jones made certain that Anita Rivers finally has her e-mail as a councilwoman. Go-Daddy would not disable the original e-mails and quoted Tommie $10,000 to add additional e-mails to the site. It sort of surprises me because we worked with Go-Daddy for at least two years, and they assisted us with various changes including Joe’s various e-mail addresses and did not charge us extra. He has proposed software and will be working with Microsoft Outlook and delete the information off of Go-Daddy saving the Town some $8-9,000.

Mr. Jones also is using Stacy’s Computer as Permanent Storage for Archived Items.

He feels that People who come into Town Hall need to sign in. That is what is done everywhere else and Whjite Springs needs to do this as well.

Mr. Jones is also looking for people to assist in rehabilitating the Old Community Center. The Ceilings are bad and there is even a hole punched out in one area. Helen Miller indicated the history of the building and stated it has a vaulted ceiling but an acoustic tile ceiling was put in to save money for heating and cooling. Councilman Town Moore indicated we could check for volunteers from the Park and he may be able to get some help from the Boy’s Ranch.

We need a dryer environment for the generators and wiring in the lift stations and it is necessary that we secure Canopies over the lift stations because of violations of Nitrogen. It would cost $12,500 for the canopies but the maximum we can spend is $6,000. It was suggested that the gentleman who built the pavilion for the Veteran’s Park might help with the canopies and we will need to get bids.

Ray Vaughn mentioned that the Bridge Street Lift Station Pump malfunction and both submersible pumps are at Barney’s Pumps. Barney’s gave us a loaner and Vaughn was told that Barneys could take two pumps and make up one pump for $2,028 whereas a new pump would cost between $7,000 – 14,000. Jones recommended they make one good pump from the two and the council unanimously agreed.


Ray Vaughn also discussed the water Meters. Yvonne Bryant confirmed there are 385 Active Meters but does not know at this time, the number of dormant meters. There is suspicion that people are using the dormant water meters to get water illegally. The problem as explained by Vaughn is that none of these dormant water meters are locked. Anita Rivers stated that they should have been locked and when she worked in Town Hall they were told that all were locked. In any event Mr. Jones will be securing locks for the dormant meters once Ms. Bryant provides him with the information and locks will cost $15.00 each to $250.00 and as Mr. Jones stated, the more one pays, of course, the better the locks.

Mr. Jones finally pulled out a box with four wireless cameras which will be placed outside of the Water Plant. These cameras can sense heat have night vision and it only cost $400 for the four cameras which are high quality. We will need a router as well. For the Town Buildings he is considering bio-metrics and a key pad which is wireless requiring finger prints.

At this point the entire council was overjoyed with Mr. Jone’s performance and Mr. McKenzie stated that with Tommie Jones, it is just like Christmas to which all the council members agreed.

Merry Christmas White Springs. You now have everything you have hoped for except additional funds to help the Town, which we hope may come to pass.


Karin for the blog

P.S. I don’t know if any of you actually read Stacy’s letter terminating Anita Rivers but from the letter it would appear that the problem was not the water late payments but the fact that it was done without Ms. Tebo’s permission. If you do not believe me, read the letter.

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