Will the Council ever wake up and change their ways so that the Town will prosper or will they continue as they have historically and we become bankrupt and the State takes us over

I know we were told to get over the Amphitheater situation but it still doesn’t explain what happened to the Oak Trees for which the Town should have received money….and we were told this by more than one person. One individual saw a logging truck pick up the trees with the Millers directing the driver. He was not a happy person because it was never brought up in a meeting to his knowledge.

We may have been wrong that HCDA provided the money to build the Amphitheater because in looking at our records, we found the following.

We received this on Wed, Oct 23, 2013, 1:19 PM.
I think, Joe, there was some kind of recreation grant the city received for that folly behind the community center. This I think that silken cord that is the mayor is coming “unwound”….everyone has a “day in the sun” in public life. but hers is coming for her sooner than she expects….too much discontent. I don’t think she will be able to bake enough cookies and brownies, cut enough wood, and have her photo made enough to overcome the latest debacle with water and sewer rates in White Springs..The African American community has been deluded by her for a while, but they are like a ether induced patient, they are awakening from the anesthesia.”

But the truth of the matter was that she did last even though she was not Mayor for four years and she has done some good for White Springs especially with the children’s programs, working with Farley to get a Fire Station and Signage, etc. My biggest complaint is that she and Walter sometimes forget the fact today that we are broke and all they can talk about is Tourism and economic development and without the infrastructure being done first, there will be no economic development and Tourism will follow the parks.

My biggest complaints about Rhett Bullard were the fact that he managed to be rid of the Fire Department because he agreed with the removal of Pittman (He knows what he has done…5 minutes is enough) and of his favoritism of Andrew; As an attorney not understanding the Statute or asking for an opinion on LOFT; And for the manner in which he handled Helen’s hearing which was definitely not handled professionally and within the law by allowing a Manager to make the complaint and using town money for thousands of dollars and the manner in which the Anita Rivers case was handled without council approval so that the Citizens again had to pay thousands of dollars to defend Tebo when in actuality there was always discrimination including Pam Tomlinson’s treatment of people. There was also the decision to pay Be Faithful when all she was offered was a grant and one cannot control what a grant will allow. So because of all of this, that is the reason my allegiance changed, because Miller spending the $25,000 plus on a Study of the Carver School and using a HOPE Check from Nutrient for purposes other than the children was a far less violation than that which Mr. Bullard allowed. One in White Springs has to weigh the fights they take on. Hopefully our Council persons will wake up and do what is right but their decisions so far are off the wall.

I have come to realize by watching the National News that all politicians, especially those who are Democrats lie…and then they pin lying on Trump who unfortunately tells everything he is thinking and is as honest as anyone could be because he is not a politician and is cleaning the SWAMP which we really need.

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