Why should the Hamilton County Commissioners favor White Springs over Jennings?

Our Miss Tebo wishes changes in the Fire Protection and Related Emergency Services Agreement with Hamilton County, and it is PROOF WE DO NOT HAVE A VIABLE FIRE DEPARTMENT SINCE MR. PITTMAN WAS FORCED OUT.  Why?  Well because we do not have SUFFICIENT CERTIFIED FIREFIGHTERS and  calls today TAKE 45 minutes for someone to respond.  But here are the items Ms. Tebo wishes to change which we the Griffins on behalf of all of the Citizens of White Springs hope the Commission will not allow Changes to the Agreement.  We need a Fire Department in White Springs, not just a dependency on Genoa’s Fire Department.


  • The Town states they have 10 firefighters (I’d love to see the certifications) where 60% must attend monthly BUT NOT COUNTY TRAINING (which was crossed out).  The Town is going to lie that they attend monthly training with White Springs and what a joke.  If Stacy crossed out “County Training” how does she expect to comply with “will ensure volunteers are familiar with other fire Departments’ apparatus and equipment in Hamilton County.
  • She also crossed out “CONFORM WITH ALL HAMILTON STANDARD OPERATING GUIDELINES”.  When Mr. Pittman left he took his SOP’s and Mr. Pittman made certain his crew handled the Hamilton SOP’s.  There are no SOP’s for White Springs but Stacy Tebo doesn’t wish to conform with Hamilton County’s SOPs.
  • Of course White springs wants their $30,000 annually and $7500 quarterly but they took out a “base rate of $5000 and prorated $2500 for percentage of answered calls”
  • The quarterly base of $5,000 and the $2,500 prorated to reflect the total amount of calls answered versus total calls for service was also taken out.
Why does Hamilton County have to favor White Springs?  We hope the Hamilton County Commissioners will not favor White Springs over other departments by sticking to the original contract.  Jennings received the same contract as White Springs, and they signed the Contract and wish to comply. Why does White Springs dare to request favoritism?
This is proof that White Springs does not have a fire department and the only reason we do no is because Rhett Bullard and Stacy Tebo wished to keep Andrew Greene as Assistant Fire Chief with a vehicle for his personal use and credit cards, and Steve Stith was the only one who would comply with such a request.


See you all at the Hamilton County Commissioner’s meeting on December 4th.


Karin Griffin

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  1. No the county should not favor white springs. What the county needs to do is get off the asses an get into the 21 century stop living like its 1950s. This county needs to stop with this 6 different department crap an just go to a one county wide department with one fire chief. This county needs to have paid staff on 24/7 to handle calls as soon as they come out because in the fire service every minute counts an when you have to wait 15 20 30 or 45 minutes for fire to so up is just plan wrong. I say no this county should tell Stacy an Steve that this is your contract you want money from us this is what you will do or you will not get the money from us plan an simple end of story. Steve an Stacy along with the big red Rat have ruined this towns fire department and made it one big ass joke.

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