Why can’t people see how wrong the Stith/Greene show is for this town? What is wrong with Rhett Bullard and Stacy Tebo?

I had certainly not done my homework to have believed that Steve Stith was a good Fire Chief at one time.  He always said the right things but it took a “Great” Fire Chief in Pittman for me to realize just how wrong I was.  Even when Stith was chief, one never saw him respond.
Prior to Keven Pittman becoming our fire chief the only firefighter that responded to every call was Don Wilson, and that included knocking down walls by himself at the Systrunk Fire on Thanksgiving so that the fire did not spread to our home and that of Scott Gays before Jasper and Genoa arrived to assist him.
Chief Pittman saved the Harris row buildings.  Had he not arrived within five minutes of the call, the entire building could have burned to the ground and from my understanding no one carried insurance, not even Harris, which is a problem in White Springs since there are so many low income people, and Harris apparently can’t make it with his pot business. If Stith would have been the chief, the entire building would have burned down just like Stith allowed the Antique shop to burn because he couldn’t get the fire engine across the road to fight the fire.


But everywhere Steve was, Andrew Greene was. But never did I see the two at a fire.  Police Officers arrived with Wilson, prior to Chief Pittman, but nary was there a sign of Stith.
In the area East of Mill, there have been complaints that although Police have responded many times to emergencies, the current Fire Department will not provide EMT services, even if they are called.  The Current Fire Chief is blamed for a non-response to a stabbing, whereby the police did not know what to do.  Many believe that if an EMT had responded after being called, they could have saved the young man’s life.
Currently there have been statements such as “White Springs would not respond to our area, so we called Columbia County and their EMT’s, two females responded in 7.5 minutes.  Others have asked White Springs to Respond and after the calls would not be answered, Suwannee County was called for assistance.


If I knew I was not qualified or I did not have a passion for fighting fires, I surely would not stay in such a position.  Is it money Stith needs or is the Town providing him something else besides protecting Andrew.


Why is an unqualified person like Stacy Tebo in charge of Firefighter contracts and in charge of the firefighters and equipment.  She doesn’t have a clue and should stay out of what she does not know.  I am sure it was Rhett Bullard who made her fire Chief Pittman.  And I believe that it was because of the Halloween Haunted House.  Rhett was jealous of the Camaraderie of the brotherhood who admired and respected Chief Pittman and poor little Rhett was not the center of attention as he believes he should be.


I further do not understand how our Councilors do nothing about the fact that we do not have a fire department; insufficient valid certified firefighters; why Greene is favored with a fire SUV, money and credit cards when he blacks out if he is near smoke or fire.  How can a group of councilors sit back and allow our town to not have appropriate fire and EMS services?  How could they allow Ms. Tebo to force Kevin Pittman to quit when all the Town loved him and the brotherhood and for the first time ever, felt safe that thing would be handled?


Now we have an older man who barely can move to get anything done; that probably wanted the department initially to use the new fire house for his century ambulances until he got an abundance of flack and an assistant fire Chief who is as worthless a human being as I have ever seen.  Most people still believe that he let the other two firefighters die because he was too afraid to get into the fight to save them.   Only God knows but from what I have seen and heard, especially with respect to all the comments of their greatness have turned out to be lies.


What is wrong with all of you to treat these firefighters the way you have treated them.  And why was Steve Stith waiting in the wings for Kevin Pittman to walk out so he could take over.  We know it wasn’t Steve and Andrew who got out town a Protection Class 5.  It was the work of Kevin Pittman and the firefighters under him that helped our town achieve a greater class…but Steve took credit and was surprised after lying his butt off.


Why don’t you quit Stith.  I hope Hamilton County takes White Springs over.  We need our former firefighters and chief without Andrew Greene who is a hindrance.   And how many fake firefighters did you put on the roster Stith.


Stacy Tebo you need to stop working out contracts for Stith who couldn’t comply with anything Hamilton County has required and you should know that the man you forced out more than complied and could have complied easily so the department could have earned the $30,000 requested from Hamilton County for Fire Services.  And Pittman’s crew would have earned every cent of it because they are good and you try to protect a Fire Department which is non existent.  But of course, you didn’t even give the Fire Department a budget and didn’t even use the $17,000 received from Hamilton County for the Fire Department.  You are as horrible as Rhett Bullard and neither of you have done a service to this community to whom you are to serve.
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