I’m opposed to any body who is a liar or married to a liar and go after all who do. If it wasn’t f or his affair with Townsend, how did you like it Andrew, he’s still be an unemployed dishwasher. Andrew Greene is a liar extraordinaire. In addition to being bi-sexual and uses his body to advance his career he is a fraud and a flake. The State Ethics Board will find him guilty of theft of government assets along with his true love Stacy. Here is the comment she/he made.

Who am I? You still have no clue! Search as you may bully has been do boy! Oh did I say that. Pittman is nothing but a fraud along with Brazil that looks to from his bully pit. Pittman has never publicly stood for his self but, gets talks his cronies into bulling others. What excellent folks. Not! Griffin just can’t figure out who to go after. This one that one. Whom will it be next? You just can’t stand it when someone that anyone of doesn’t know does have (Video & Photo’s) of your wrong doings! Who am I?

So Joe Griffin says WHO CARES. Hang around with Dogs and you get fleas.

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