White Springs has a Council in Harmony

November 12, 2019 Regular Scheduled Meeting:   If you would attend a council meeting today, you would feel like you were attending a symphony in Adagio. Mayor Helen Miller is the conductor, Walter McKenzie is the one who stands politically correct when there is a problem which comes up and with McKenzie it is Sempre piu. Tom Moore does much of the councils investigations and additional work to make things work and is definitely Andante, but if circumstances arrive he can definitely be forte. Anita Rivers knows everything one needs to know on the workings of town hall and is definitely Molto vivace Even Tonja is compliant and in Symphonic form since we have our first African American Town Manager.

One would think that with such a symphony of angels that now would be the time where finally the Town would grow and prosper. From the council meetings it seems as though this growth is possible now even though we are or were near bankruptcy. And even though it is hoped this council in harmony will fulfill everything necessary for a better White Springs, the writer has concerns because instead of handling one or two problems to fruition, we have high hopes for investors to put together the Barnett Tract and other economic development without the necessary infrastructure placed first. In fact all councilman McKenzie speaks of is tourism, tourism and tourism. The writer believes if infrastructure is accomplished first “they will come”, but of course the council may be able to perform a magical symphony which will bring everything into place at one time. Peace and Tranquility has come to our small Hamlet and no longer are there factions that differ. Instead all five councilors vote 5-0 under the conductor’s, Mayor Helen Miller’s, spell.

Currently Mayor Miller is working with Town Manager Jones on applications to be submitted to the Florida Legislature for clean water funding assistance for which we need $4,000,000 to accomplish the project. We all wish them success because we definitely do not have water which we dare to drink or cook with and have to purchase bottles and bottles of pure water. We know now that Mr. Jones had no intention to secure his certification and obviously remembers much of his prior certification to be dangerous or possibly knowledgeable in assisting Ray Vaughn.

There are some glitches apparently at Town Hall and our Finance Manager/ Town Clerk is taking leave under the Family Medical Leave Act from November 12th, 2019 to Febuary 10th, 2020.

Ms. Estes, our Planner also gave notice as of October 23rd and that will be $950 less a month that we will be paying. The Council led by Walter McKenzie has finally decided to listen to Thomas Brazil, Sr. by seeing if North Florida Regional Planning Council may be able to assist us. We could not be rid of Ms. Estes on our own due to a request by Mrs. Clayton Woodard and Walter McKenzie definitely wished to be politically correct.

In any event Yvonne Bryant is all by herself at Town Hall and Mrs. Thomas Brazil, Sr. has offered her assistance as a volunteer. The Mayor asked if anyone else was willing to volunteer and originally I made that offer to Tommie Jones to assist utilizing my accounting knowledge until someone was found but since Mr. Jones lied about both Joe and I, that cannot and will not happen. I hope they find someone because G and S Auditing will only be at Town Hall two days a month starting next week and having someone make entries and handle the necessary procedures is imperative. After all, I understand Councilwoman Rivers, Nikki Williams and even Thomas Brazil told us that our assisting the town even as volunteers will never happen so it is great that at least we have been told so we never have to embarrass ourselves again or be lied about. The Town dislikes knowledgeable people who speak their mind and that’s okay because the symphony must play out for us to see what really can be and will be done.


Karin Griffin for the blog

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