When will Walter McKenzie actually make a decision for himself?

Most Democratic Politicians don’t get anything done and that is probably why we keep trying to push Walter McKenzie into doing something rather than bloviating and apologizing.

To know how hard Councilman McKenzie works or doesn’t since nothing ever seems to get done, this is the information off of his 2014 Campaign material

THE NUMBERS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES… According to Vice Mayor McKenzie’s 2014 Campaign Flyer.

SOME ONE WHO IS INVOLVED….              

What has he done while on the Council? He voted 250 plus times with Helen Miller while she was mayor previously, not really making decisions on his own..

Of course he attended Council meetings. That is why he was elected. That is no big deal but he listed the number of council meetings he attended..

McKenzie wrote 80 Newspaper columns. How that is a function of better government escapes me.

He attended 20 Florida Broadband meetings and as you are aware after Obama Provided $30,000,000 in funds for broadband service, those on the board could not provide financials to those Towns, cities like Ocala so they ultimately lost all that money and went defunct. So what his involvement do did that do for White Springs? NOTHING.

10 CSO meetings. Again, SO What? We provided a great majority of the food for a Christmas Party for the CSO for which we took a tax deduction and Tom and Maddie Moore were so kind to pick up and deliver. Tom and Maddie are doers instead of talkers and fortunately for the towns people Tom Moore listens and hears his constituents.

At the time he stated he attended eight Suwannee League of Cities meetings. How did that assist the Town of White Springs or its residents.

He apparently attended four White Springs Special Events Committee Meetings. The fraternity that was the WS Special Events Committee we were told, asked him to cease attending because he talked incessantly.

McKenzie attended five School Board Meetings. Did it save SHE? Did anyone request that SHE be maintained. It certainly did not save SHE.

He attended four Hamilton County Commission Meetings. I ask again how did that benefit White Springs?

If he is so involved then why did nothing get accomplished? Nothing did except Helen got somebody else’s to assist her from time to time. I had hoped after the last four years he would realize that things needed to be done and make some decisions right or wrong, but an actual decision without worrying about apologizing or being politically correct.

One of the 250 at least votes included the Water and Sewer Rates of which he voted five times to increase. He said at one time he was going to lower them but that was to be elected and it cannot be done because we need the money to assist us in the $3.Million loan.

He also wished to do nothing about the 10% utility tax which ranges for most folks from $30-$60 monthly with the businesses paying more…but with the condition of our finances, which were bad when he was running but are far worse today, we need all the money we can get just to survive bankruptcy.

And I know that Walter McKenzie will not implement any Griffin ideas, but we have had more than one fire in these empty lots and we need a Fire Assessment Fee for our Fire Department and I do not know what the problem is. If you have a vacant property or empty lot, you should be able to pay something for it.

I would really love to see McKenzie just once accomplish something and the manner in which he spoke in circles regarding hiring our former firefighters and worrying about David Preuter who knows he has no one on that roster to fight fires and who would not accept Tom Brazil’s help. I really don’t know if McKenzie even listens to those around him, much less hearing their plights. It is time that he accomplished something not just bloviating his fellow citizens to tears or to sleep.

He acted like a tough guy when he said if Steve Stith had not quit, he would have fired Stith…but of course, he may not ever fired Stith. It was convenient Stith quit so McKenzie could talk big but obviously he knows Stith is backing up David Preuter currently but is doing nothing about it.

The only thing McKenzie excels at is chastising people for not saying the right thing or doing the right thing because he feels himself somehow superior.

Karin for the blog

.P.S. I found where Walter McKenzie Made a decision at the March 11, 2014 Council Meeting. He moved to charge the organizers of the MAY Day event $25 per hour for police protection for the event. One wondered if the Azalea Festival was charged for police protection then?

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