When speaking to people, most of whom we do not know by name, at the party, it is amazing what you find out…and it just makes your Stomach churn!

What is great is to hear what the Citizens really think about our Town  Council and especially the Bullard Family.


We spoke to a couple of ladies who have just returned to White Springs and they cannot believe how run down and corrupt the town has become.  They also could not believe that there was no lighting in the East Side of Mill or that no pedestrian crossing has been placed for families to cross 41 to the Willie Guy Turner Park or the Dollar General Store.  It has become dangerous indeed for families, but obviously our Council doesn’t give a rip about the people they are to serve.  What is it going to take Councilors?  Does some young child or a member of their family have to be hit by a car and die before you do something?
There are also a lot of people who are concerned about the McKire Brothel at the end of Mill Street.  No one can understand how such a thing is legal in White Springs when all the Police officers and Councilors know it is  operating which would be considered illegal and shut down in any other town…but not in Bullard’s or Lofty’s town.
I do not know what Stacy Tebo has done to some of the Black people in this community but they certainly do not have any respect for her and all know she is on Percoset and is an outsider.  They wonder why there are no staff members who live in White Springs and they have no respect for Pam Tomlinson who they realize is nasty to most folks as well as not being very bright.  They question why she is still there.  They are also tired of all of the high utility bills which continue without the Town providing any benefits except to themselves.
Also one could not believe that we have no local people handling the Town and some were in disbelief, after stopping for their hot dogs at the fire station on Halloween, that White Springs really did not have a Fire Department.  Most of these people were told that after the volunteer firefighters quit, that they started up again.  Of course, we advised them that was not the case and that no one wished to work under Steve Stith, the Current Chief, who has no skills or Firefighter I or Firefighter II certifications and no firefighters under him except Andrew Greene and his spouse who cannot fight a fire.


We also found out from Pam Tomlinson that one of the two firefighters that went to Fire College in Ocala quit.  Most likely the town is paying for education these days.  They will do it for Stith but when Kevin Pittman was Chief, the Town did nothing for Pittman; instead he trained the firefighters and worked with them to make them the very best.  What a crock of hooey, these councilors and our Town Manager have made of the Fire Department.  One lady said, she couldn’t believe that our Fire Chief before was a volunteer and he didn’t get paid alot but the Town made certain that people like Stith and Greene get plenty of money and benefits because after all, they put together all the bi sex parties for these sickos. And we know of one previous firefighter under Stith, whose marriage went down the tubes because of their parties.  Why do we have to put up with all of the Bullard sickos?


One lady mentioned that apparently teens on a golf cart, which when revved up sounded like a scooter, tried to kick in their door.  The police were called but just explained it was some teens and did nothing about it.  These same teens and their loud mouth mother have even been complained about by us to the police with no response.  They go down the street at high speeds and one day, the mother was going to hit our dog with a large stick because he barked at her, knowing she was a mean bully,  when a neighbor stopped her.  She then told our neighbor that she owned this Town and she could do what she wished.  Was she another Bullard?  All I know is that I better not meet up with that loud mouth woman face to face or she will get a piece of my mind.  I will stand my ground! Obviously the police department will not assist the citizens here so we have to fight our own fights against these white trash people.


Then the police apparently complained that our house did not have an address on it.  Well, the mailbox across the street does and obviously they are foreigners if they do not know who the Griffins are or where they live.  The vines grew over our street address and they are welcome to cut the vines since they are not doing any policing anyway.


Then we hear that Johnny Bullard is at it again.  Good old Johnny didn’t feel steeling from the School District was enough so now he has stolen money from the CSO.  I guess he can’t hold a job so he has taken to stealing again and since Jerry Bullard now heads the CSO, he is there for a reason, to cover up for Johnny Bullard and perhaps even help himself.  But I can assure you, since the Bullards have taken over the CSO it will never be the same.  And, there can be only so much money that can be embezzled.


What is wrong with this sick degenerate Bullard Family? All they can think about is sex, drugs lying and stealing from the people.  Auntie Mary Lou should be so proud of her matriarch abilities with this family.  She has raised and taught her family to be a bunch of crooks who still treat Black people like Plantation owners and unfortunately most of them do not even realize what the Bullards are doing to them.. But the Bullards can certainly know how to threaten and bribe the Black People so that they are contained.  What scum bags and at least we can thank Nikki Williams for standing up to Rhett Bullard’s bribes.


And with Rhett handling Jasper as their Attorney, which is a joke in itself, people are finding out that he is nothing but a liar, especially  with respect to his successful attempt of ousting Mrs. Hightower from her position as clerk.  If there were problems, they could have been resolved by discussions but no, anyone Rhett Bullard doesn’t like, will be gone   Then we understand the Vice Mayor of Jasper stole funds from a grant  so he could enjoy Mardi Gras and because his mama was afraid he would get in trouble, his mama paid the Town back.  This would not have happened if Jennifer Hightower was still there.  I would say the New Manager certainly has his hands full and hopefully he will see through all of Rhett Bullard’s lies.


Someone said there was another stabbing this time at the Dollar General Store, who also was robbed recently, and of course, our Police Department had nothing to do with assisting in the matter.  Boy this town has certainly gone down the crapper.


Also it may be said, that one family has required assistance and they have gone to Catholic Charities in White Springs, who unlike the Marshalls, who kept the best food for their own Jennings operations, provide a good share of meat to families, even if it consists of a lot of chicken. At lease they are not giving one chicken container per family like I saw the Marshall’s do.   But the Marshalls were not operating legally as other Charities were run and if you were a friend, you received more than those who were not friends. I couldn’t even believe that the volunteers who worked these events as I and Joe did, were given their choice of produce and meat before the give out.  Since when do volunteers for the poor have the right to take anything that should be given to those who need.  How corrupt can this Town get!


What is happening to White Springs?  It is getting worse by the day, and we have councilors like McKenzie who won’t raise a voice because his position on the council is more important than doing something for the constituents who have voted for him all of these years.  No, it is time the citizens got rid of the Bullard White Trash and the ego corrupt Black Mayor and Vice Mayor who have done nothing except cause the Citizens grief with higher utility bills and totally ignoring their needs for lighting and safe passage.


Karin for the blog

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