When people like Stacy or Born and Raised have nothing on anyone but want to feel important they contend they are being “Stalked” What a joke J G takes it in the Shorts Again

Tom Brazil
No J.G. AKA BornandRaised you have nothing evident of any crime. If so you would have already been to the State’s Attorney. I have not stalked anyone. If you have any video please make sure it is complete and post it, dare you.

It was not me who called my employer and made fictitious complaints attempting to cause me problems at work. It was not me who drove a WS Fire SUV to Tampa & Jasper for a family visits. It was not me who when the little boy and his wife could not pass Fire 1 they had to get a friend in Gainesville to sign off for them and didn’t complete the training with the rest of the WSFD. Yes the former fire fighters and myself are the problem not little BooBoo. He has done such a great job for WS and WSFD since we left.

LMAOROF – Good article

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