When did we receive the money from the Bank for the 20% Wastewater Revitalization project? Did anyone pay the October 15 installment to the Bank?

Remember when I asked what happened to the $325,798 that we would have borrowed from a Bank Stacy Tebo secured, well there appears to be no answer.

That money would have had to have been provided to the Town because our first Loan Payment was due on October 15, 2020. Banks do not ask for payment unless they provide you with the money. So where is it?

I hope the amount we financed is only $325,798 and not the entire $725,790. Helen Miller stated she was able to get $400,000 from the DEO Rural Infrastructure fund, but we have no information in which to verify this amount. And from what we have seen has happened to our Fire Department, I am not trusting Mr. Michael Whitehead to find this money especially after blotching our financial budget which he should have never been involved in to begin with. It will be up to Mrs. Brazil or our new Town Manager to contact that bank and secure the loan papers if we do not have them as well as finding out when a check was made to the Town of White Springs and who spent what and whether that money was earmarked in an account. We can’t afford to lose $325,798 on this State’s revolving loan since the State only pays 80% AND this $325,798 is part of our 20% share.

Also, someone needs to secure the information on the DEO Rural Infrastructure fund, to see whether we were paid the $400,000; to confirm that amount and if we were not yet paid, when will we anticipate payment or what other terms may be required before payment is released. I sure hope we have a contract and not just Helen Miller’s statement alone.

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