What happened to the matching funds we supposedly had in 2014?

In 2014 we were told we had the money for the Wastewater Rehabilitation but where did it go?

  1. In April of 2014 at the monthly council meeting, then Mayor Helen Miller announced proudly that because of the increase in Sewer and Water rates, the Town had the $250,000 matching funds for the $3,000,000 loan information Former Town Manager Farley secured.  The State was to reimburse the town for I believe 92.5% and White Springs portion would be 7.5% of the amount borrowed.

  1.   Later we learned that we did not have $250,000 reserved for the loan.  Instead HCDA was contacted for the funds.  When we tried to verify what we had heard in the meeting by the meeting minutes, the statement made by Miller had not been included, nor was it included in the Newspaper..    HCDA provided $25,000 only. Joe then had suggested changes in the budget which would provide over $100,000 in savings but the council would not approve any or all the changes he suggested.

No one has done anything since and now the cost is up. The Sewer Revitalization Fund show Loan Income of $3,653,950 to fix our sewer pipes of which $730,790 will be required as the 20% cost share, we as the Town must have to pay.

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