We had a takeover of the government, a non-violent revolution if you will, a COUP DE’ TA, totally voiding the town charter by a strong man and a loveable dupe. No more Weak Mayor form of Government or a Strong man town manager.

It is a revolutionary act with no violence’s. shame on you Helen and shame on Tommie Jerome Jones who will take the miniscule 30 pieces of silver just to be the Pride of the Black Community. MLK would not want a token Black man to be in charge if he follows the White Mayor wherever she goes. He’d want you to be competent which obviously you are not judging by the sniffing you are doing with Helen’s skirt.

For those of you waiting for a change of style of Government, YOU JUST MISSED IT. SPENCER WOULD HAVE LOVED IT. the NEXT STRONG MAYOR WILL NOT BE AS COMPETENT AS HELEN BUT WILL BE JUST AS POWER HUNGRY The next mayor will have to overthrown Helen either in person or at the Ballot Box assuming she allows town elections.. We may have a Dictator for Life; the result of most Coup De’ Ta’s THE ONLY SOLUTION TO HELEN’S LUST FOR POWER IS AN ACTUAL REVOLUTION, VIOLENCE AND ALL. Ethics complaint to follow.

We, like all citizens who are forced to undergo a Coup De’ Ta had such high hopes for a town government but all we have is a dictator who will move completely ruin the town for ever. Where is the Governor when we need him?

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