We never asked BeFaithful to do anything on our behalf and never would

Joe and I have discussed the statement of BeFaithful relative to asking her to negotiate on our behalf to the Town and neither of us know what she is talking about.

The first time we met BeFaithful it was when Nikki Williams brought her over to introduce her and to tell us about the program she wished to provide for the Children of White Springs. At that time we knew she had used our attorney in a lawsuit against an ex husband to get oneof her children back from her ex husband.  There was nothing discussed.

The Second time we saw BeFaithful it was after she attended the May Day Festival and that was all we discussed with her; the fact that the Town couldn’t provide insurance; that the event was not a part of the Town, and the fact that we saw Tonja Brown and Police Chief Tracy Rodriquenz talking in the land across the AME church while children were robbing Dollar General blind.

It was BeFaithful who made the most complaints about the May Day festival since she attended the event.  Why she would say we asked her to negotiate, I have no clue.  There was nothing to negotiate about the May Day Festival because our involvement was only with respect to what we brought up at a Town Council Meeting.

I sometimes wonder if all her circuits are in place because some of the things she says don’t make a lot of sense. Where she gets this stuff that we would actually ask her to do anything on our behalf is a bit crazy.  Have any of you seen us back away from anything that we believe in?  We’ve been thrown out of meetings as a result.

Then to bring up the Stand your Ground and by the way, the other law she speaks about no longer is in place.  The only person we discussed this law pertained to Walter McKenzie and the even happened years ago when he took a swipe at Joe and possibly Mike Harris.  As to threatening BeFaithful, it never happened.  All we did was bring up the facts and the truth of the matter is that what she did to the Town  Helen Miller, Nikki Williams and Anita Rivers was pure extortion and she acted like a domestic terrorist in her threats.

So all I wish to do is to clear the statement made by BeFaithful.  Frankly her circuitry has gone amuck and it is time she got her stories straight if that is even possible.

And threatening us, threatening Nikki and Threatening others only falls back on her plate not on ours.  We do not threaten people.  We only bring out the facts as they are.


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