Walter McKenzie has always known about the Corruption in WS but has done NOTHING

Have you yet realized that Walter McKenzie has always known how corrupt White Springs was and is and hasn’t done a damned thing about it.  He knew about Tracy’s DUI and about her assault and even knew that Subic was a traitor to the United States by working with Iran.  He also knew about Robert Townsend being a pedophile and it was no excuse to not do something even if Mayor McKire stated “he may be a pedophile, but he is our pedophile”.  He bragged about how tough Tracy Rodriquenz is and that she would make a good police chief, knowing she didn’t know her head from her butt about real laws and probably knew how she pulled the hair of women at parties where she was drunk and gave oral sex to a police officer who arrested Joe.  You can see what good insight McKenzie has.


With McKenzie you are guilty before being proven innocent and he readily believed all the lies about Anita Rivers and bashed her.  He hates someone telling him he is wrong and he like Rhett and Lofty hate to hear the Truth.


We also understood that a former councilman, Williams, warned Walter McKenzie about Townsend raping inmates…again Walter McKenzie did nothing until the Department of Corrections interjected after the inmates would no longer work in White Springs.   You can bet that Walter McKenzie has known all of Rhett Bullard’s transgressions, but he won’t do a thing about it.  He can confiscate a dog from a young girl and make it his own, but he can’t fight for the citizens who have voted for him.
He was a RICO Camel Member, meaning he went around to businesses, stating he would assist them if they provided certain services for him and his other members. (See photo below of the members)  But he is a man who works behind the scenes and won’t bring up the fact that we do not have a Fire Department and clear up the lies that all the former fire fighters returned to work under Chief Stith as Volunteers. He hates we Griffins especially because we speak our minds and feel the truth should be known.  Walter McKenzie is such a hypocrite.
Yes McKenzie stuck up for Miller but only while the going was good and now has backed off, but did he really do anything to assist her or others?  No that would place him in jeopardy of no longer being a councilor and that is the epitome of his ego.  Yes, he immediately did ask Bea Faithful Coker, if she would drop her other allegations if she got the money and then denied it.
He had his chance with McKire and Hardwick to be a part of another “Gang of Three” who didn’t understand the law, the charter or that people had rights and when Farley was hired, he felt public records requests could be answered possibly once a month.  He can sermon others but doesn’t have a clue about the laws he needs to govern and although he doesn’t have the ability to lie as well as Rhett Bullard and Spencer Lofton, one wouldn’t know because again he bloviates continually, placing everyone to sleep before his words are complete.
The fact that Walter McKenzie has chosen corruption over the citizens of White Springs should make you sick.  What has he done for this town except bloviate (to speak or write verbosely and windily) to hear himself speak and sermon others with his own half-baked erroneous beliefs while he believes we really enjoy his column in the Jasper News. Did I say “boring”?
In any event, the next time he comes up for election, he needs to be voted out as well because he has done nothing whereas Rhett and Spencer are busy spending your money, embezzling, and running White Springs down the Toilet by benefiting from LOFT and other restrictive funds…but Walter McKenzie will not take a stand or contact authorities or FDLE.
McKenzie had the chance to make this Town better, years ago, but he was too busy being the big man and lying about my husband and his friends.  Then he had the audacity to lie about me as well and pretend he wasn’t a Camel Member.  You are as worthless as Lofty, Tonja and Rhett so you may as well be a part of a new “Gang of Four”, McKenzie.
The RICO Camels
Karin for the blog

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