update on the 1001-07-1 DEP SRF VI CORRECTION (sewer rehabilitation)

Per Kellen Lindsey, Mittauer & Associates we have received an update on all of the active/ongoing projects with the Town along with the status of payments for each project.

1001-07-1 DEP SRF VI CORRECTION (sewer rehabilitation)
* Scope: Rehabilitation of Town’s core sanitary sewer collection system, including removal/replacement of gravity sewer pipe manholes, and sewer services, lining of existing gravity sewer lines and manholes, rehab of 3 lift stations and installation of new pumps/electrical/etc. , and associated restoration/road paving:

  • Contractor: Art Walker Construction, Inc.

  • Project Status: Under Construction, approximately 50% complete. Final Completion date is currently 02/15/2021:

  • Total Project Cost: $3,998,572.00

    o $3,601,622.00 – Construction Cost (Art Walker Construction)

    o $ 328,950.00 – Topo Surveying/Geotech/Bidding/Funding & Construction Admin/Full Time Resident Observation/Project Closeout (Mittauer & Associates, Inc.)

    o $ 68,000.00 – Additional Construction Administration/Full Time Resident Observation/Sewer System Base Mapping thru RIF (Rural Infrastructure Fund) funding (Mittauer & Associates, Inc.)

  • Total Project funding:

    o $3,628,950.00 – FDEP Clean Water State Revolving Fund, consisting of 80% grant ($2,903,160 by FDEP/ 20% Loan paid for by the Town of White Springs ($725,790)

    • Loan portion totals $798,369 = $725,790 (Principal) + $72,579 (SRF Loan Service Fee);
    • Loan is 30 year @ 0.00% interest
    • Repayment of $13,306 to be made semiannually beginning October 15, 2021

    o $ 400,000 – 100% grant funded through DEO Rural infrastructure Fund (RIF) Program

  • Payment/Reimbursement Procedure:

    o SRF – No funds out of pocket. SRF provides advance payment

    o Mittauer & Associates prepares disbursement request with Engineer Invoice(s) and Contractor Pay Application. Town signs/approves, and Mittauer & Associates submits to SRF for reimbursement. SRF deposits funds for invoice and Contractor Pay Application into Town Account. Town writes checks to Mittauer & Associates and Contractor for billed amounts and provides Mittauer and Associates copies

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