Two Sides; Half and Half believe something different

The White Springs Journal has accepted your comments so that everyone sees both sides of the picture. However, although we are not happy that we have a liar as a Town Manager who is used as a puppet by Helen Miller, I have to admit things were not well for the four years prior to Helen being elected mayor. In fact, we believe that although everyone was excited that Stacy Tebo was working with our grant writers diligently, it placed our Town in a financial dilemma. How much money can we fund toward our portion of those grants without going broke. That should not have happened. However, in going through our past blog posts of 2012 and 2013, we find that we were also going into a financial funk then. Apparently we were spending money on the UF Students…some $25,000 plus for information on the Carver School; some money for FLOW which no longer exists, and some on the Charter School Attorneys. One councilor complained and lost the food bank as a result, but he backed down in order to survive as an elected official. Now remember, whether or not Helen Miller was the Mayor, Whether Rhett Bullard was or Spencer Lofton, in most cases, the Council as a whole decided to spend your money foolishly.

Now Rhett Bullard and Spencer Lofton went one step further in that they went against Statute and Law to spend Local Option Fuel Tax money on anything they wished like excavators and salaries, etc.

But the reason for all of the disgust by most of us with Stacy Tebo is that she took away the Best fire Department White Springs has ever had when she removed Kevin Pittman. For years things were burning in white Springs like the antique shop and trailer/mobile homes because our fire department under Chief Stith couldn’t even get a truck across the road to fight a fire. Now Mr. Peeler was a good chief but the Town, under Townsend’s rule stole all the Firefighter’s money from donations and events, some $10,000 and fired Peeler because he dared to complain. By the way Walter McKenzie and Tonja Brown were on the council. The Council as a Whole got rid of Peeler and then they got rid of Pittman. What the hell is wrong with our elected officials. It appears they don’t give a damned about the people of White Springs. And because the council is so slow in acting we still do not have our old firefighters back and the matter handled because Walter McKenzie is so politically correct that nothing ever gets done.

Well I do not know whose fault it is, Rhett Bullard, or Stacy Tebo that Stith was hired and that Andrew Greene was able to use the Fire SUV as his personal vehicle. Andrew Greene was always given benefits no other employee was ever given because he was a tattle tale to Bullard and Tebo and Tomlinson and he got rid of evidence on Townsend so Townsend never ended up jailed. I am certain the inmates were not pleased when they were not believed and Townsend got off. This is something that disgusted me more than anything about Stacy Tebo…that she had the audacity to let our best Fire Chief go and allow Andrew Greene his benefits which he did not deserve. Furthermore, I believe the firefighters when they stated facts about Andrew Greene under “No Confidence”. There have to be some better officials in the Town of White Springs to vote for and win after Ms. Tebo leaves White Springs in the next election. I appreciate Tom Moore and this Town needs to weigh what is best and determine if there may be someone else who may be fair like Moore to all no matter what the color of their skin and who will not just hire someone because of the color of their skin, even if the background is not there.

This whole matter is absurd and now we have a town that is split; some for Tommie Jones and Mayor Miller and some for Stacy Tebo and people like Anonymous who seems to have a lot of information on what has been happening in town hall. It’s almost as if he was or is a cop. In any event what is a joke to me is the interest of Walter and Helen in tourism, economic development and people who have money. Walter, Helen and Tommie, if we do not get our town in order with water and wastewater, no one will wish to have a business in Town. Furthermore who wishes to be in a town which doesn’t have a viable Fire Department? It’s time you elected officials protected White Springs instead of bloviating….yes that is you, Walter.

By the way, we have asked Stacy Tebo to provide her side of the story on the blog if she so desires. Remember, there are two sides to everything and I truly believe that she was run by Rhett Bullard and unfortunately not only took his advice but the advice of our former CPA and our former Attorney Karen Hatton. In fact she said she relied on two attorneys and a CPA. Yes she could have checked herself and questioned the two attorneys and CPA but I am certain she did not wish to cause a rift. In any event, here we are, each with our own side.

By the way, after 22 months and the ongoing investigation by the Commission on Ethics, we hope that Joe and my complaints will be ruled on by the commission next month. We do know there was concern about the Red Fire SUV and Andrew Greene because technically he received benefits no one else received. Whether Stacy Tebo is blamed or Rhett Bullard, it remains on hold until next month.

So our Civil War continues, each side doing some very illicit things and each side trying to do some good things by transparency. Where it ends we do not know but we will continue placing your comments on.

And Born and raised….we don’t care who you are. But your comments don’t appear to be factual and are there just to cause a rift.

Karin for the blog

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