Chief Tracy Leolan Rodriquenz


10346 Wood Dove Way Jacksonville,FL 32221 (66miles one way 122 round trip)
Police Employment


1. 06/30/95-04/24/97 Columbia County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Fulltime
what was she doing from 04/24/97-11/02/00 (3yrs)


2.11/02/00-05/16/01 CCSO Corrections/Law Enforcement Parttime
what was she doing from 05/16/01-07/09/01 (2months)


3. 07/09/01-07/21/01 Oak Hill FL Police Department (12 days) WTF happened here


what was she doing from 07/21/01-08/16/03 (2yrs) but really if you don’t count the 12days she was at OHPD its more like 05/16/01-08/16/03, why would some go though the trouble of getting a job and then leaving in 12 days (there’s story here somewhere someone knows what happened)


4. 08/16/03-PRESENT WSPD (15 years) Chief on 02/11/14 (4yrs)


Complaints on file are with FDLE
1. Simple Assault opened 12/12/05 closed 08/07/06
and now for the good stuff
case #16-1996-MM-049270-AXXX-MA Duval County
Arrested by JSO on 09/09/96 for F.S. 784.03-1 Domestic Battery but the charge was nolle prosequi(dropped) on 10/10/96.
Had she been convicted even on this misdemeanor she would not be allowed to be a cop.
yet with all this she is still a Police Officer and the Chief.
I guess Casey Kinsey got screwed compared to Tracy’s record.

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