Tommie Jones keeps communications going with Hamilton County as to the Genoa Industrial Park

Town Manager Tommie Jones is communicating with Louie Goodin, Coordinator for Hamilton County so that White Springs may be a part of the Genoa Industrial Park – The Hamilton County Development Authority (HCDA) sold a 44-acre HCDA-owned parcel in the Genoa Industrial Park to Southland Wood Recycling, LLC. Southland Wood, of Moultrie Georgia, will develop a wood processing facility creating 45 new jobs with a projected capital investment of $7 million. The project is expected to create 75 new jobs at completion. This is one of the first projects that was assigned to our town manager by Mayor Miller. He said that Hamilton County is now placing in the doors and locks. Although it doesn’t state this it sounds like a “Build-to-Suit” situation which is a smart way in which to bring in a business which is what was done in Nevada frequently to bring in companies.

Although it will take six months to get the plant running, Tommie felt that possibly we might be donated some needed wood product for the old Community Center Rehabilitation. Manager Jones also plans on approaching Home Depot and Lowes for donations.

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