Tom Brazil, a special kind of firefighter

Our Thanks to Tom Brazil who never gave up on White Springs or his former firefighter brotherhood in these past two years. He believed in every member of his former team. And he especially believed in his former Chief and fought for all of the former firefighters daily because he knew how important it was to keep White Springs safe from the peril he knew could transpire. Tom Brazil may have volunteered for other departments but he always kept a watch out for White Springs. He attended meetings and even was thrown out of a couple (for only speaking or asking) as we were but he still persevered. And if anyone ever needed a helping hand in White Springs or if someone did not show up and there was some emergency, Tom Brazil was always there to assist each and every one including us. Tom Brazil is an amazing young man and we are happy that he again is on our White Springs Roster.

When you see Tom Brazil on the street Thank Him for continually believing in White Springs and for his service today.

By the way, did anyone ever check the mileage on the Red SUV? Stith probably had the vehicle travelling backwards mechanically so the odometer wouldn’t look so bad. LOL

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