To work in White Springs you either need a criminal background or you have had to be fired with cause and not exonerated.

I remember before William Lawrence was hired, The Town, as it usually did, listened to Walter McKenzie’s choice. Of course these decisions were biased, but fortunately, after our research, because the Town did none on the following candidate, Rhett Bullard, esquire put a stop to this hiring even though Helen Miller was Mayor….and this man did not even have a real checkered past like our current interim manager:

(What promulgated Bullard to put a stop to it was a comment by Joe Griffin)

The odds on favorite candidate for the Town Manager’s position has a checkered past, just like Farley, just like Townsend, just like Subic, and just like Henry Dunn.
This is the candidate who worked with Walter and Farley on the North Florida Broadband Authority and the local chapter of the Florida League of Cities. It is “Special Strokes for Special Folks” all over again.
In 1995 he had a Rehabilitation Suspension from the Florida Bar. The reason we don’t know what it was for is because the paperwork takes 7-10 days to be e-mailed. But it was not, according to the Florida Bar, a medical reason. In 1996 he failed to pay his Florida Bar Dues and was suspended from practicing Law in the State of Florida. If you can’t count on your attorney to obey the Law who can you count on?

It’s a shady past that we, I believe, don’t need when we have another perfectly good applicant with similar, if not better, experience. What is hard to believe is why we, White Springs, can’t hire the best and the brightest for any position, now including Town Manager. Could it possibly be that Helen and Walter want to keep the corruption going and the only way to do that is to hire a person who will allow it, the corruption, to continue. I believe that is the reason.

(These were the candidates after Farley Gave Notice)
Susan Beaudet, William Lawrence, Alicia Wendlandt

A Masters, a Doctorate and a Current Town Manager. Who will the Council Choose? All are qualified each in their own way but the current town manager seems to be what the town needs most. Susan Beaudet is a Florida Resident but not a current or past public servant. She has the Masters. Alicia Wendlandt has a Doctorate in Business Administration and has some experience in public service. William Lawrence Doesn’t have a Master’s Degree but he has been a Chief of Police and a Town Manager of a Town Larger than White Springs.

None is more qualified than Tim Day but he is apparently out of consideration. He knows Florida Laws, has been the Mayor and a Council Member of a Town larger than White Springs and has a degree in Administration. Most important about Tim Day is that he is very familiar with what it takes to set up and run a Charter School system. An ideal candidate. But alas it is not to be.

Tim James Day was more qualified than Farley by a mile. He has police, fire, water and waste water experience and Emergency Management experience. He has a B.S. degree in Psychology and an A.S. degree in Administration. He’s been Mayor and a council member in Cape Coral, worked for FDLE as a Field Rep. and been a state policeman in Rhode Island. He is a certified Criminal Justice Standards and Training Instructor and a bunch of other stuff.

So Why did Helen Miller refuse to even speak to Tim Day. That was because he was having a custody battle regarding his father and prior to that there was a news article relating to a problem he had with another employee at the fire School who lied to get Tim’s job. Now Tim was exonerated from the matter and gave our council a full explanation but nevertheless that was not good enough.

But he was deemed by fate to make the kind of money he deserved over $100,000 by working for a larger City who appreciated him, while we in White Springs keep going down hill.

Everyone prior to Farley, Lawrence and Tebo have had criminal backgrounds and Subic was actually a Traitor. Lawrence was the only one not fired for cause but moved here because his parents-in-law lived in Florida. The sad part he could not wait to leave because of the manner in which our Town was handled. He said the council told him to stay away from the Griffins and their blog but he found out it just wasn’t a good ole boy situation but far worse and far more corrupt. In fact the Mayor would not even let him speak at meetings because she could not control him. So it appears White Springs loves to keep their status quo of hiring only those who have been fired for cause and those with actual criminal backgrounds…and no Tim Day was exonerated but for some reason Miller did not want someone who could start a Charter school and did not check further claiming a Sheriff told her to be careful of him over a “Custody” matter with his father. Sounds Lame to me.

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