Thomas Brazil makes an excellent assessment of Tebo’s part in the event she sues

Thomas W. Brazil
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In today’s world anyone can sue for anything. However, that does not mean they will win. Undoubtedly Tebo will sue, she has a track record of that, and with her narcissistic personality disorder where nothing is ever her fault, everyone is out to get her, and she is unquestionably the smartest person in the room, I would expect nothing less. However if you review the attitude displayed to the Town Council in any of the videos of Council Meetings, her lack of responsiveness to questions or for information, and her basic FU attitude to the Mayor, other Council Members, and Citizens I think she will have a tough case to prove. And yes the burden of proof is on her not the Town to disprove.

The concern I have is whether Rhett Bullard and Spencer Lofton and perhaps Tonja Brown will come to Tebo’s aid since it was obvious for their dislike of certain people and now the commission is going through what was investigated here. 22 months and the answers are hanging. You wouldn’t think they would go against their own Town but I would not put it past Rhett. The way the Helen Miller case was handled it was totally wrong and I have never seen Rhett so vindictive of anyone

Quitters Rarely Win…In Constructive Discharge Claims

In most cases defense is more costly than receiving an award and that is the problem

Karin Griffin

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