This is the reason for my Speech to the Commissioners[Chief Stith just feigns training and we know it – Thank you for this additional insight Chief Pittman

Firefighter Doc
Funny in the old department , well frankly the only fire department. Training was preformed not monthly but weekly. Sometimes three times a week. And it showed in their performance of duty and the pride they had. You train like you fight , because when the chips are down that’s what you fall back on. There is a big difference in getting a certificate , and earning one. Anyone can get a award for participating and passing. But only a few EARN the title FIREFIGHTER. And that’s something no one can take away. The old department personnel earned those titles. While some rode on the shirt tails of those chosen few. And it shows now and will continue to worsen. So don’t train , pad your paperwork and files. Everything looks good on paper , but in the light of day it is transparent. But when day comes and someone is looking at you for help. And you can do nothing for them, explain to their family that it is not reasonable for you too train once a month. But hey what do they know , your a firefighter.

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