This is about Mr. Warren and not Vanessa George

We at the Journal can understand how a citizen may be concerned with a new Town Manager being engaged to a former felon with a lucrative multi-million dollar business of selling illicit drugs with his family members. Love is blind, but my intent is not to discuss Vanessa George in this article but her fiancé Sylvester Warren the III.

Mr. Warren of course had the right to speak at our meeting, even if it was for the condemnation of Helen Miller for her treatment after Tommie Jones gave his notice. But Mr. Warren knew nothing of Mr. Jones who his fiancée will soon realize as Ms. George ends up trying to resolve the problems of White Springs. Tommie Jones was a liar and one could not trust him with anything he did. He needed to be removed from our computer systems and I am sorry that you had to listen to Nikki Williams who is about as ignorant as Jones.

Mr. Warren is like most Black Men who say Black Lives matter but if they really mattered Mr. Warren and his family would not have been selling some $30. Million of crack cocaine. Crack cocaine is one of the most destructive drugs on the illicit market. It is destructive of a person’s mind, their health, personality, spirit, and life. Crack can cause a dependence within just the first few uses and can quickly lead a person to give up the best parts of his or her life.

Did Mr. Warren care about the people he was selling to? No he did not. For him and his family it meant profits and to hell with the person whether they be Black, Hispanic, White or Asian and it was a moneymaking venture in Lake City and the surrounding counties, Ocala and Miami.

Although Mr. Warren cannot run for office because of his felony, he would be excellent as a Democratic Senator or Congressman. I say this because the Democrats do nothing to assist blacks in making a better life for themselves. Most Democrats would prefer providing welfare and allowing those blacks to kill themselves, remain on drugs, have as many abortions as they wish and keep them under wraps. If you don’t believe me, look at history and obviously Mr. Warren has joined the fold, especially in his illicit entrepreneurial-ship.

It’s a joke and almost makes Mr. Warren’s behavior childish when he states to a newspaper reporter that “officers didn’t disperse the crowd until it had snowballed out of control” He also stated “In the black community, law enforcement is always involved when it comes to profiling and harassment”. Does Mr. Warren really believes that, COVID-19 Coronavirus will damage the younger people as much as the drugs he sold to these people.

And why do officers profile black people? It is because most of the crimes which happen are by black people and those who think blacks are cool and want to be black themselves. And you can thank yourself and your family for enhancing much of the crime which cause police to profile Blacks because their reaction to the drugs you sell them, ruining their lives so they may not succeed in life. So when PEOPLE like SYLVESTER WARREN III start judging police and desiring to defund the police as well, they need to think about their part in giving good Black people a bad name and why there is so much Black crime. Mr. Warren attributed to it even though he may consider himself and his family entrepreneurs and above all other Blacks.

All you desire after your stint in prison Mr. Warren, is to have the officials from every area recognize you as a Civil Rights Activist who has the ear of every black person in Lake City. But the people in this area do not wish the riots and thefts of the other large cities so they dare not listen to you. But do you think that they really value your opinion? Frankly from listening to you at our meeting the day you told Helen Miller to resign, one could tell your ignorance of not understanding what our Town has gone through at the hands of Tommie Jones. We have had enough in spite of blaming Helen Miller for his hiring.

So, Mr. Warren, you need to judge yourself instead of others. You were trying to kill off so many people who are now hooked on drugs. They will never have a chance of fully recovering like with the Coronavirus and you should be so proud.

Karin for the blog

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