The RHATT Pack Watch Day 216

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 216


Today is Tuesday, November 27th, Day 216 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.


As everyone knows, the Red-face Ratt, his “Out of Town” Lapdog, “Just keep paying me” Tebow and his “Gang of Three” members, Mindless “Splain it to me” Tanja and illegal alien Suck-up “Idi Amin Dada Mini-Me Despot:” Lofty will steal anything from White Springs that’s not tied down.


So here it comes, as no surprise, that the Ratt and his “Gang” are trying to do the same thing regarding Hamilton County funds.  Roughly speaking, White Springs has a budget, not counting ad hock projects, of approximately $1.3 million per year.  The State regulates all of the sources of income associated with this budget.


In any event, by Statute, White Springs directly collects some of these revenues, like Water and Sewer fees, from users throughout the Town.  Others, again by statute like Utility and Communications Taxes, are collected by and distributed from the State.  And again others by Statute, like Property Taxes which are collected by the County or Local Option Fuel Taxes and others which are collected by the State and distributed through the County, flow into White Springs subject to contractual agreements.


For instance, Hamilton County has an Interlocal Agreement for distribution of all Local Option Fuel Tax revenues for which White Springs is entitled.  Simply, Hamilton County establishes the Local Option Fuel tax to be charged, in accordance with the Statute.  The State collects this Local Option Fuel Tax and other taxes from the fuel sellers who in turn collect it from every consumer who purchases gasoline or diesel fuel in Hamilton County.  The State returns these funds, less its processing fee, to the County.  In Turn Hamilton County distributes these funds; this year projected to provide over $210,000 subject to a Statutorily and contractually defined formula.


Hamilton County also provides funds to White Springs for “Fire Protection and Related Emergency Services.  Of course, the transfer and use of these funds are subject to a contractual agreement.  And  that’s the way it should be.  But of course, there’s a problem.  The Ratt and his “Gang” want the money, but White Springs doesn’t want, or more appropriately CAN’T provide the services specified in the Agreement.


Now the County’s request regarding services isn’t unreasonable.  The County  merely wanted to contract for an ‘APPROPRIATELY CERTIFIED VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTER”  to respond to all calls of service.  The Ratt, his Lapdog and “Gang of Three” destroyed the White Springs Fire Department so they could give an emergency vehicle to unqualified, not certified “Cousin” Andrew.


White Springs has a Fire Chief “Cousin” Steve and a Fire Marshall “Cousin” Andrew, neither of which meet the County’s contract requirement.  Even if the Town had someone who met the qualifications, the Town doesn’t want to be responsible for monthly training to remain current or to comply with the County’s “Standard Operating Guidelines”.


The Ratt and the Lapdog want the money, but want to do nothig.  Can you imagine Hamilton County allowing these two CLOWNS who recently showed up at a medical emergency, impersonating as EMS officials, or some other BOZO who shows up at a fire posing as a firefighter.


Congratulations Hamilton County!!  The “Watch” is delighted you’ve chosen to put an end to the Ratt’s and the Lapdog’s corruption and to protect the citizens of this County.  Do not relinquish a penny of your funds until White Springs restores Chief Pittman and a real Fire Department, not the feigned sham that the Ratt and Lapdog are attempting to foist on the County.  Help White Springs eliminate the crime and corruption endemic to the Ratt Administration, including drugs, bribes, fraud, embezzlement, pedophilia, nepiophilia, ephebophilia and nepoltism.  Call the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000.


Trust Not the Lapdog, “Gang of Three” or the Ratt.  It’s Day 216 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack Watch continues!

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