The RHATT Pack Watch Day 214

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 214

Today is Sunday, November 25th, Day 214 of the RHATT Pack Watch.


There will be not poem with respect to Day 214 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.  Instead the “Watch” has decided to bring you Hamilton County’s Barriers versus Resources as compiled by the Hamilton County Community Coalition and Superintendent of Schools Rex Mitchell, for which he has been attempting to secure solutions:




  •  Lack of Businesses and Job Opportunities
  • Lack of Hope
  • No entertainment activities
  • No Hospital
  • No Sheriff Explorers Group / Lack of Other Clubs
  • Transportation
  • 2nd Chance Programs for Convicted Felons
  • Communications / Getting the Word Out
White Springs has the ability to fix some of these barriers.  Recently the “Watch” has told you about two jobs which should have been made available to the best candidate, and a candidate from White Springs, rather than an “out of towner”.  The Town is not only required statutorily to advertise job openings, but by their own personnel manual.  Yet what we have is nepotism at its finest, whether the person hired is good or not.   Two jobs may not be much, but there have been other jobs that have been made available and these jobs have not been advertised so that those qualified in White Springs could apply.  You can blame the Red-face Ratt for this travesty and many in the coalition as well as Superintendent Mitchell realize how this town operates.


Even the various events held in White Springs such as May Day or the Azalea Festival, the Ratt keeps segregated. There have been a multitude of activities offered in the blog where the community could come together such as charity raffles of single men or women for a dinner date; raffles of baked goods; talent shows for all ages; swap meets, etc.  But the Red-face Ratt and the “Cousins” would not have it.  Why would they want all the citizens to get along and enjoy something together?  That would mean the Ratt and his “Cousins” would lose a hold on the people they enjoy controlling.  They couldn’t let everyone know that it is the Ratt, himself and his many cousins who are segregating the town and spreading lies among the citizenry.


Many people live on a limited income and with the high utility taxes and the high sewer rates, they do not have a penny to spare.  Of course they will lose hope and if we were a community together, opening up the Women’s Club as a Community Center for people to enjoy each other’s company and to share food, stories and play a multitude of games and cards, there would at least be a glimmer of hope.


Although White Springs does not have a hospital we do have a Medical Clinic available to the Townspeople and we do have Transportation through various sources including Suwannee County.


In order to have other programs for youngsters and Second Chance Programs for convicted Felons, it would mean we would have to remove our current officials and staff in White Springs because they only want people from out of Town.  They wouldn’t give anyone a second chance in White Springs even if a person is the most qualified.  They only hire their friends and relatives and the Lapdog does as the Ratt wishes.  A Town Divided will not go against the Ratt; however a Town United, would understand the problem is not each other but the Ratt, the Gang of Three and the multitude of Cousins.



  • Local Government Hindrances
  • Lack of Participation in the Voting Process
  • Homes (Parenting)
  • Stigma in Everything (Bad Behavior is Normalized)
  • Definition of “Socially Accepted Norm” in Hamilton
 We have many parents in White Springs who are uneducated and who have difficulty assisting their children, much less giving their children hope for the future.  Rex Mitchell had suggested Adult Classes where people could discuss their individual problems and learn what may better their lives and that of their families, especially single parents who have difficulties balancing home with work.  As a result, without programs like former Mayor Miller provided, we are without groundwork for children to realize there are opportunities in the world and that no matter how poor or how wealthy they may be, they can be what they want to be.  It is time to give our children hope.


Oh yeah, our White Springs Government is definitely a hindrance to everyone and especially to the young and the African Americans, where all programs are virtually being taken away because the Ratt and his Lapdog and the “Cousins”don’t feel any one is deserving except the “Cousins” to reap the benefits of White Springs.


  • Community is reactive rather than proactive
  • Not “one county” individual township
  • Conventional apathy and mindset
  • Racism
  • Coordination and Collaboration Toward End Goal
As long as the Ratt keeps everyone segregated and keeps lying about how wonderful he and the “Cousins” are while stealing every cent that should be coming to you, Racism will continue. There will be no hope; you will question those around you including your neighbors; you will find envy of those who have and those who don’t have; and there will always be a feeling among African Americans that the White class have it better, even though that may not be true.  If the Town would bring us all together, there would be no racial or ethnic problems but harmony among all who live here.  Yet the Red-Face Ratt and the “Cousins” will not let that happen.  They have done more in the last four years to divide this town than has ever been seen in the history of White Springs.


  • Follow-up for Graduates to Post School Programs
  • Lack of Student Participation in Dual Enrollment
  • College Tours
  • Lack of Value for Education
  • Limited Participation in Early Child Care Programs
  • Lack of High School Alumni Participation’s
  • Exposure to Progress
  • Perception of School District “Letter Grade”
This area is a major problem because it is up to the Parents to assist tin their Child’s participation.  The Schools may attempt to provide as much information as possible, but it is up to the parents to let their children know that there are opportunities in the world.  People in White Springs are willing to help and all one needs to do is ask.  The Town has made it difficult for one to believe there is help and others are willing to help your family succeed, but you can fight that stigma.  There are many who will go out of their way to assist you because most of us wish the children of Today to do better than their parents were able to do.  Although former Mayor Miller did what she could with the youngsters; others in Town have helped students plan for college, provide equipment such as laptops and hotel rooms for the family so that students could sign up for college. However the help was few and far between because many were afraid to ask for help. Yet, the Town has prohibited any interaction among people in White Springs so there is a feeling that each is on their own.




  • Food banks
  • Pregnancy Care Center
  • Drug Prevention Coalition
  • Another Way
  • Strategic Health Care Committee
  • Health Department
  • Summer Camps
  • Counselors
  • Get Fit Programs
  • Food for Thought (IFAS)



  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Career Source (Various Programs)
  • Economic Development Office
  • Chamber of Commerce


From what we can see is that there are problems even with the Resources we have.  For instance the Hamilton County Economic Development Authority only works with large business and cousins and won’t even give a small business an opportunity as many of us have seen for ourselves. Furthermore the Chamber of Commerce, also influenced by the Bullard family has more interest in themselves than in other people.


Former Mayor Miller throughout the years has worked with the Children of White Springs to provide not only an education but hope for their futures but the Town of White Springs wishes nothing to do with the Children of White Springs and has made it clear that they do not wish someone like Miller assisting the children or even providing a banquet for the Beautiful Dreamers during Black History Month.


There are many parents who have not been given jobs and educational opportunities and it is difficult for them to give hope to their children as a result.  There is only so much our public School system may do and Superintendent Mitchell is doing everything he can to assist the students, but it takes a community to bring hope and aspirations to the children of White Springs. In fact consideration was being made for adult programs to help parents. And our current officials and staff do not care one iota about the people in this town.  In fact the former firefighters even brought forth activities for the children and the town’s answer was to eliminate the Fire Department which was the best of any town in the area.


Don’t believe for a moment the Red-face Ratt cares about any of you.  He has broken this town and taken away programs your children previously enjoyed. The playground is used by the drug dealers with needles everywhere; there isn’t a safe crossing to the park or to the Dollar General Store; the police cannot be rid of the drugs in this town because the Ratt, his Lapdog, and the Cousins all need their fixes and they don’t care about your children and will take advantage of them if they can.  Bring your own solutions.  Tell your officials what you need, not what they want you to have.  It is time the Town served you and not you serving the officials and Town.  We all have equal rights and if you need help, the Town or others should be willing to assist you.  You are not alone and don’t let the Ratt tell you otherwise.

Stay away from the Ratt because he is Toxic.  It’s Day 213 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack Watch continues.


Karin’s comment:  Since I get to see the Ratt Watches first,  I am bringing back an article I wrote with respect to the aforementioned material.  As you can tell, the information brought forward was serious but our illustrious mayor had nothing to offer but here I am and here are my new friends and to hell with a solution.  In fact all he did was come to the meeting to brag about himself and to hell with solving community problems.

Lofty and friends, in my opinion were RUDE TOTALLY TO SUPERINTENDENT REX MITCHELL


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