The RHATT Pack Watch Day 210

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 210


Today is Wednesday, November 21st, Day 210 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.


About a month ago, the “Watch” told you about a new position being created in White Springs Town Hall, apparently because the Red-face Ratt was looking for a new “BoyToy”.  Well, the “Out of “Towners” have done it again and they’ve done it without giving any White Springs residents any consideration for the position.


As you may know, Florida Statute requires that when an opening for a Municipal, County, or State position exists, it must be advertised in a fashion that provides an opportunity to every qualified and interested individual to apply.  Unfortunately for White Springs, neither the Ratt nor his “Out of Town” Lapdog Town Manager “Just keep paying me” Tebo cares about Statutes or White Springs residents.  In fact, White Springs residents who expressed an interest in this new position were specifically denied an opportunity to fill this role.  Instead, White Springs, conducted a clandestine search, restricted solely to family and friends of the Ratt and the “Out of Towneres”.   Of course, this is the way the Ratt wanted it.  As he would say, “Us Cousins got to stick together”.


So here is how this went down.  The head of Pubic Works, “Cousin” Ray, an “Out of Towner” who had been secretly hired without being subjected to the Statutorily required public advertising and selection process, decided he wanted a new “helper” position created.  The Ratt, by himself, approved the new position, in part apparently because he saw it as an opportunity to recruit some young stud he could groom as his new “BoyToy”.  And as usual, he ordered that White Springs residents be excluded from consideration.  The “Out of Town” Lapdog took care of the paperwork.  “Cousin” Ray was advised to select one of his young “Out of Town” cronies for the position.  WaLa, White Springs has another new “Out of Town” employee.  But that’s not the end of the story.


The Ratt’s interest apparently is not just providing help for “Cousin” Ray, but in recruiting a new “BoyToy” for himself.  For this the Ratt needs to groom his new recruit.  So the Ratt orders his Lapdog to buy a new truck for the new “Out of Town” employee.  You know how it is.  Doesn’t every employer give every single employee a brand new vehicle when they start work?  Didn’t your employer give you a new vehicle when you began work?  Well at the last Town Council meeting, the request (should have said “ORDER” instead of request) for a new Chevy Silverado Truck was on the agenda.  Unfortunately, for the “BoyToy” in process, the Ratt who everyone knows is being consumed with some really serious illness (just look at his red, blotched and sore face) was unable to make the meeting to Vote for the young fondling’s Truck.  So the Ratt’s young fondling “BoyToy’s” Truck and Town credit cards will have to wait until the Next Council Meeting.  What a shame!


This is your money White Springs. What the Ratt has been spending and continues to spend are the Local Fuel Tax revenues, about $3/4 million between the current year and the last two years.  This money, by Statute is for building, maintaining and operating roads and streets.  Only about $5,000 has been used legally for its intended purpose.  The rest has been wasted, misused or stolen by the Ratt, his “Out of Towner” Lapdog and Gang.  The Watch wishes to point out that Kendrick Street is in such bad condition that in the next few months, the State has interceded and will repave the roadway itself and its drainage as well.  Not one single penny of the Local Fuel Tax revenues received by the Town of White Springs for the purpose of fixing streets like Kendrick Street will be used on this undertaking.  Instead, the Local Fuel Tax revenues will continue to buy designer clothing, designer water and vehicles for every “Out of Towner” working in the Town for the Ratt.  Nothing will be spent to fix the roads and streets for the residents of White Springs.


Don’t Trust White Springs to the “Out of Towners” and the Ratt.  It’s Day 210 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack Watch continues!



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