The RHATT Pack Watch Day 205

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 205


Today is Friday, November 16th, Day 205 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.


Welcome to White Springs; Florida’s dirty little secret.  White Springs, quite possibly, the Home of the Most Compromised and Corrupt Voting System in the History of the State of Florida.


The Red-face Ratt’s still at it.  Up until now, it’s been Pad the Voter Roles with Names of residents long departed and stuff the Ballot Box.   In years past, the White Springs voter roles always included 25 or 30, sometimes more, names of individuals who at one time or another had lived in White Springs, but who had moved on or passed away.  Now 25 or 30 names may not sound like a lot but when it represents 20 to 25 percent of the votes in a typical White Springs election, it can easily influence the outcome.  And since “Cousin” Pam controlled the Ballots and the Ballot Box security, or lack of security, it was easy for the Ratt.  He had the non-existent voter names, access to the Ballots and the Ballot Box.


In the old days, “Cousin” Pam would simply take the Ballots and the Ballot Box to her home and let the Ratt vote as often as he wanted.  Of course, these were votes using some, or all, of the non-existent voter names Oh yeah, since there obviously was little or no attempt by the Hamilton County Supervisor of Elections to keep the “Voter roles” current, that probably means it was one of the Ratt’s “Cousins” giving him a hand.  Ain’t “Cousins” wonderful?  Like the Ratt says, “Us Cousins got to stick together”.


However, over the last year, the “Watch” has tried to shine a little sunshine on “Cousin” Pam and the Ratt’s voter fraud activities, so he has had to resort to new activities.  It’s almost unbelievable.  But then again, it’s the Ratt and nothing comes as a surprise.  If you voted in White Springs this past election day, you may have noticed, the Ratt has installed his entire “Gang of Three” plus several future “Gang” members and a few “Cousins” to control the entire election process.


Mindless “Splain it to me” Tanja guarding the door was a dead give away that something was wrong.  And then to have an illegal alien Suck’up “Idi Amin Dada Mini Me Despot” Lofty escort every voter who entered was about as fearful as possible.  It couldn’t have been more corrupt and intimidating if they wanted it to be.


The old White Springs voting facilities were smaller but were set up to offer privacy and instill confidence in our democratic voting process.  However, even with the larger quarters, this was set up to do exactly the opposite.   Voting booths were crowded together and positioned to ensured no one had any privacy while filling out a ballot.  And to make certain voters were intimidated, one or more Gang members were hovering over you while you filled out your Ballot  And just in case they missed something, another “Cousin” at the ballot reading machine was attempting to check your vote for every candidate and for every Amendment on the ballot.  So much for democracy!


Oh yeah, and then there was the Ratt’s after party.  In past years, after the ballots had been counted and everyone was gone, the Ratt and the “Cousins” would sit down with the Ballots, secretly market with ink visible only to ultraviolet Light, to analyze who voted for each candidate or question on the Ballot.  The Ratt kept score, as he does today, on everyone in Town.  And the Supervisor of Elections facilitated the process.


Just remember White Springs, this is the Team of Leadership you voted into Office.  If you are OK with what they are doing and the lack of respect they have for you, sit tight and they’ll keep it coming.  On the other hand, if you want change, you’d better get involved as quickly as possible.  Attend meetings.  Learn about the issues.  Develop positions and solutions you would  like to see implemented.  Discuss this issue with your family, friends and neighbors.  Run for Office and do something with your ideas.  Until then, help stop crime and corruption, including drugs, bribes, fraud, embezzlement, pedophilia, nepiophilia, ephebophilia and nepotism ongoing in White Springs.  Call the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000.


Never Trust our Democratic Process to the Lapdog, “Gang of Three”. “Cousins” or the Ratt.  It’s Day 205 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack Watch continues!

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