The RHATT Pack Watch Day 201

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 201


Today is Monday, November 12th, Day 201 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.


Are you familiar with the Town of White Springs”No Show Mondays” policy.  No! That’s what the “Watch thought.


Let’s talk about it because it’s costing you through the nose.  It all began when the Red-face Ratt hired his Lapdog.  According to Stacy Tebo’s termination letter from DeBary’s City Manager, Dan Parrott, DeBary wanted to be rid of her due to numerous violations of their Personnel Policies, including inattention to duty, failing to obey proper directives made and given by a supervisor, inducing or attempting to induce any officer or employee of the City to commit an unlawful act, insubordination, incompetence, neglect of duty, knowingly making false statements to an officer of the City, disgraceful conduct, violation of duties and obligations of her position, willful violation of departmental regulations, refusal to abide by any lawful official regulation or order, and a whole host of additional transgressions and violations.  This was exactly the type of person the Ratt was looking for; someone who exhibited incompetence,was likely to be insubordinate, and thus prone to blackmail regarding her position.  The Ratt hired her and in a light night ceremony attended by the “Gang of Three” and a few “Cousins” she knelt before the Ratt and kissed his ring.  And he annointed her his “Lapdog”.


Shortly thereafter, Tebo in a private discussion with the Ratt, never placed before the Town Council, asked to have every Monday off because she lived nearly 200 miles away from White Springs and wanted long weekends, at her home.  And the Ratt granted her request.  Of course, Tebo didn’t give up any compensation because of the “No Show Mondays”.  Soon Chief Tracy came forward and said “I live nearly 100 miles away and I’d like long weekends at home to.  And WaLa, the “No Show Monday” became the standard for White Springs.


Well, that’s not quite true, “Cousin” Andrew already had “Two Hour Workdays” so he has been pretty much a “No Show all of the Time”.


In White Springs Mondays are now “No Show Mondays” for anyone who wants it.  Basically, Town Hall operates Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Well that’s not quite right.  Thursday is only a half day.


More about that in another “Watch”.  So if anything happens in White Springs on Saturday, Sunday or Monday which requires immediate attention by the Town Government, all of the “Out of Towners” are far, up to 200 miles, Out of Town and YOU are on your own.


Do you believe that’s how other Town’s function?  Do you believe this type of operation is in your best interest?  Do you believe that there will be any cost savings to Tax and Fee payers in White Springs?  You’re correct; there will be no savings to you, but you do get a reduction in services provided.  The “Out of Towners” line their pockets with your precious money and YOU get screwed again and again.


Well White Springs, if this is the type of municipality you want and you like, grab a  chair and watch the continuing downhill slide.  If on the other hand, YOU’re fed up; If YOU have had enough; if YOU want a change in White Springs, stand up and get involved.  The Town government works for you, even though they fantasize that you work for them.


You elected the Town Council as your representatives and you can change one or all of them, by recalling them now.  When you do, you’ll need to elect good honest, caring representatives to a new Town Council.  Consider running for one of the Council positions.  Root out the incompetent, corrupt and the uncaring individuals in White Springs’ governance.  Send them packing to the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000.  Everyone i9n White Springs will support the change and be happy with the results.


Strengthen the Town Charter against “No Shiw Days” by the Administration and the Ratt.  It’s Day 201 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack Watch continues!

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