The RHATT Pack Watch Day 193

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 193


Today is Sunday November 4th, Day 193 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.


In White Springs, The history of Slavery is a major topic to make known
But what most do not yet understand is that it is something today they still condone
They do not realize that The Ratt and his Cousins are the biggest plantation owners today
And most of us realize that the Ratt and his cousins are causing this decay



Like the slave owners of yester year, Ratt and his cousins sexually abuse young and older males
Because they know that their shame will never allow them to bring forth the details
Instead they are powerless to fight back against such cousins in power
And soon will lose their abilities to fight back or do they even have the willpower



Like the slave owners of yester year, the Ratt controls his White Springs Slaves with intoxicated beverages
And drugs and sex become the ultimate leverages
Because after all if his slaves are not under control
He will make certain his police officers arrest them and throw them in a proverbial black hole.


So his slaves continue to be indebted to him for the small jobs which are given them
Whether sweeping his porch or doing some work for the “Cousins” on a whim
And the slave becomes indebted to the Ratt and his cousins for furnishing a few bucks
So they can purchase more intoxicated beverages and drugs like a bunch of chumps



And when the Ratt and his cousins don’t provide the slaves with an additional something
They end up selling their Government food stamps along with illicit other dumb things
The Slaves believe the Ratt is the ultimate best
When allowed to Steal, murder and maim, without arrest


Yes the Ratt and his “Cousins” truly own those they have chosen as their slaves
They know your weaknesses and they will use them against you until you end up in a grave
They can no longer beat you into submission, so they must use clever tactics
To keep you in submission without hope of ever improving your conditions by their semantics.


The Ratt will make certain that no programs are provided for Black Children
Because, that would mean they would receive new ideas and an education which the Ratt needs hidden
The Ratt and the Cousins do not wish to help your families, especially if you are poor or Black
But be beholding to the Ratt and his cousins for just the opportunity of being given drugs and crack


Food was always the weapon of the Slave owners in yester year
But today’s Slave owners Like the Ratt and his “cousins” find they can handle things with a two dollar beer
After all, he has shown his slaves, that he, the Ratt, and his “Cousins” are each a superior being
Who can doll out punishments or turn a blind eye and control the police when you are stealing.


And like the slave owners of yester year, the Ratt makes certain he has an “Uncle Tom” or two
Who are the dirtiest lawless conniving liars on the face of the earth but who have no clue
One is suck-up idi Amin Dada” Despot Lofty and the other is “Cousin Willie” who no one can outdo
For “Cousin” Willie keeps his own slave on his premises because as a foreigner, he surely can subdue


The problem is the White Folk and some Blacks of White Springs see through this blatant mockery
And cannot understand why the Rhatt’s slaves cannot see what the Ratt and his “cousins” are doing is pure debauchery.
The Ratt and his “Cousins” don’t give a tinker’s damned about their slaves or the citizens
And keep Mindless “Splain it to Me” Tonja on because she is insignificant



The Ratt and his “Cousins” will steal you blind
While dolling out minor favors to the slaves in kind
But embezzling and throwing large favors and money to the Cousins
As long as it’s other people’s money and there are no repercussions.


It’s time to quit being a Slave to the Ratt and his “Cousins”.  Get your freedom by reporting drugs, bribes, embezzlement, fraud, pedophilia, nepiophilia, ephebophilia, nepotism, and retaliation to the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000.  If you are bribed or threatened to be exposed, the FBI can assist you but you need to expose the Ratt, his Lapdog, Suck-up Lofty and Mindless Tonja first.  It is time that you had your freedom from being a Slave of the Ratt.


Stay away from being a Slave of the Rhatt.  It’s Day 193 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack Watch continues!




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