The RHATT Pack Watch Day 190

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 190


Today is Thursday, November 1st, Day 190 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.


Last week, the “Watch” mentioned the Hamilton County Chamber of Commerce held its annual Dinner.  In that “Watch” you learned that awards, related to business or economic development activities, were presented for the Best Business of the Year, Best Non-Profit of the year and awards for a Best (business/economic development) Person of the Year, one each from Jasper, Jennings and White Springs.


For the last few years, the Red-face Ratt has controlled the nominations and selection for the White Springs Best Person of the Year.  You might be interested to know who some of the recent Best Person of the Year selections made by the Ratt have been.


According to the Jasper News, in his first year, the Ratt nominated and selected himself.  Talk about conceit and self-adulation.  The Ratt takes the cake.  The Ratt is the leader of destruction in White Springs, not in the remotest sense is he involved in development and building.


In any event, last year the Ratt made another dubious selection.  The White Springs Person of the year was none other than “Cousin” Johnny Bullard.  Now “Cousin Johnny is a writer, singer, member of the Hamilton County School Board and more, but in White Springs he’s not known as a pillar of business or economic development.


And this year, the Ratt selected aunt Mary Lou Bullard.  Yes, auntie Bullard has worked for the White Springs Branch of the Hamilton County Library, volunteered with the Stephen Foster CSO, and is a Board Member of the Hamilton County Development Authority (read that Nepotism Authority), but the “Watch” couldn’t find anyone who knew of any White Springs business or economic development she was responsible for.  You know how nepotism works!  Like the Ratt says, “Us Cousins got to stick together”.


Well Ratt, there are a number of great small businesses, including some extraordinary business and economic development people, in and around White Springs.  Just in case you run out of “Cousins” and you can get your head out of your BUTT, you might want to take a look at these businesses and their people, which according to both the State and Google, are in Hamilton County and have White Springs addresses.



Here are a few:  2D Land and Cattle, LLC,     Adams Country Store,    ADP,     American Canoe Adventure,    Angry Beaver Tree Service, LLC,   B & E Hauling,    B&M Logging, Banks of the Suwannee Check Cashing,     Batusic Woodworking & Crafts,    Best American Yard Tool, LLC,    Bobby Joe Transport, LLC,    Brooms & Blades Lawn Service, LLC,    BTR Logging,    Bud’s Suds,    Carter Land Service, LLC,    Center for 21st Century Municipal Studies, LLC,    Chauncey Insurance Group, LLC,    Chef Rose’s Catering, LLC,    Countyline  Design Business Service, Inc.,   Countryline Investment Holdings,    Dollar General,   Fat Belly’s,    Fire 2 Ice Refrigeration, Inc.     Florida Inspections, Inc.   G Miller, LLC,    Hamilton County Properties, LLC,    Hand Development Tree Service,    Gardening and Maintenance, LLC,    Harrell’s Family Traditions, LLC,    Henry A. Smith, Hines,    Williams & Wilkes,    The Perfection Connection LLC,    Ivan Ross Enterprise, LLC, a/k/a Black Bay Seafood Market,    JMC Connections, LLC,    Joe E. Griffin,    Lords Timber, LLC,    Lovely Hearts Services, Inc.,    Medical Provider Services, Inc.,    North Florida Center for Documentary,   North Florida Locksmith,   Nutrien Phosphate,   PoorBoys Power Equipment, LLC, Providence Artwork, Inc.,   Rabon, Wesley M,   RBIZ, LLC,    Robax Engineering,   Robert C. Morey Foundation a/k/a/ Bienville Plantation,    Roosters Outfitter’s Bait & Tackle,     RT Pressure Washing LLC,    S. Salinar Family Harvest,    S & S Food Store #308,    S & S Food Store #32,    Safety Systems Emergency Response,    Savon Liquors,    SDL Enterprise,LLC,    SE Environmental Geology, LLC, Shree S AI of White Springs, a/k/a/ Munchies Food Store, Southern Cravins,     Southern Gourmet Spice Company LLC, Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center, Steve’s Auto Care,   Suwannee Bicycle,    Blue Berry Farm,   T’s Salon,    Tropical Palm Landscaping,    First Federal, ATM,   WG Yates Construction and Engineering,   White Springs Bed “N” Breakfast,   White Springs Event Center,    White Springs Hair Design & Linda’s Nook,    White Springs Public Radio, Inc.   White Springs Self Storage,   Whitefields,  The Brown Brothers Productions Group, LLC,   WS Firestation LLC and probably more Sch C’s.

The “Watch” wishes to place each and every one of these businesses in nomination for Best Business of the Year for the next Chamber Annual Dinner.


Well, White Springs, now you have a little more insight to one of your officials.  As you can see the Red-face Ratt cares only for himself and the “Cousins”.  Oh Yeah, and the Aunts!  He’s been destroying every piece of the White Springs infrastructure so he can continue with his drugs and abuse of young fondlings.  Help stop his corruption.  Call the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000.


Unless you’re a “Cousin”, even then, expect nothing from the Ratt.  It’s Day 190 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack Watch continues!

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