The Lake City Century Ambulance Scam

Anything that Steve Stith is involved with does not surprise me anymore.

Normally if I had to go to a hospital for outpatient procedures I went to Shands Lake City, but after what I have seen Shands and Century do, I am through with Shands. Part of the reason for going to Shands was that I felt it was connected to Shands UF which has treated me as an inpatient twice plus with a hip replacement through their sports medicine team.

In reviewing my medicare payments which had been made by my insurance carriers, I had quite a surprise. On September 25, 2019 I went into emergency because I had chest pains and wanted to make certain it was not associated with the previous pericarditis/heart attack I had in July. When I was in emergency the Nurses, instead of taking blood from me which they were more than capable of doing, had a young man from Century Ambulance do my blood work. I was told he was going to school and that he was training at Shands and apparently had been at Shands all day. But he was not from the Lake City and he seemed a bit green but a nurse watched over him and lied I assumed since the young man told the truth about himself.

Now mind you, the young man was stationery at Shands. He did not have to move his ambulance or do anything else but Century Ambulance billed Medicare $859.00 for the ambulance and $ 63.64 for the ground mileage. The approved Medicare amount was $434.82 with $45.72 for ground mileage for a total of $480.54 of which my Supplement Part F paid 20%.

It makes me wonder how many other people Century Ambulance is scamming. There was no ground mileage and the nurses at Shands could have easily taken my blood and I was not in danger of a heart attach but only congestion. So from here on in, I will be going to Lake City Medical Center because both Shands and Century appear to be scamming insurance companies for services unnecessary and for services not performed.

Good going Steve Stith. I guess you have to make money even if it is on the edge of fraud. How many others, especially older patients like me, have your century employees done the same thing to when they actually just stayed at the hospital to assist with patients that Shands easily could have taken care of.

Of course, thank god for Pharmacists at Wal-Mart because the Doctor Alexei Prytkov MD on Call at Shands prescribed the wrong antibiotic which could have caused me problems. And it wasn’t that I didn’t ask him whether it would work with my current blood thinner and he said yes it would. Wasn’t a good day!

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  1. Are you saying you were self transported to the ER and back but Medicare and Plan F were charged for an ambulance trip and you were never even in an ambulance on that day? If so, have you notified Medicare of that fraudulent fact.

    1. That is correct. I was charged for an ambulance trip and I was never in an ambulance. I came by vehicle to the ER…ours. No I have not yet but you are right….they should know. Karin

  2. Who am I? Your idiots! Shand’s at lake shore is not part nor hooked up by computer services with other real Shand’s UF etc! This is pretty much common knowledge. Your Shand’s at lake shore after hours even close the ER after a certain time and any ambulance service can’t transport to them after those hours. Lake City HCA or the medical center is the only ER open certain hours this idiot is common knowledge! Who am I? You disgusting stalking can’t handle anything unless your on your knees likes the dog you are! If you have a complaint file it I think your just pulling a train and talking gibberish . Oh Who am I?

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