The Council has to take care of Stith and Greene before we get our fire department back and McKenzie needs to be less politically correct since the facts prove the former should be removed

After reading some of the comments made at the October 30th meeting, you will note that emphasis was placed on Councilman Walter McKenzie who continually kept stating he wished Mr. Preuter kept in the loop, and he was so concerned about how Mr. Preuter would feel, which I rather doubt but he had to make certain he made comments which were politically correct.

We do have a problem which came up but for which no emphasis was made on what politically correct statement Councilman McKenzie wishes to use for Stith and Greene. Kevin Pittman nor his crew will work with Andrew Greene and Andrew Greene is listed as the Assistant Fire Chief and Steve Stith offered his help to Mr. David Preuter. When the council finally sticks to their decisions of hiring back our former firefighters, they will have to make certain Greene and Stith are removed from the White Springs Fire Department. No more payments for Greene or his wife. And yes, Dr. Greene may have assisted Councilman McKenzie at the hospital but what does that have to do with the fact that there was a “vote of No Confidence” and unfortunately because Councilman McKenzie had to be politically correct at the time the “Vote of No Confidence” came out, we lost our firefighters. He said he needed to talk to Greene. But this is the case, if a group of firefighters stand together with a vote of no confidence and stipulate what Greene has not done and what he is incapable of doing, then that should stand and we do not need this politically correct whining.

Insofar as Andrew Greene is concerned and the comments made by his father about others having a checkerboard past, I must say this. Andrew Greene had no right to hide/destroy the paraphernalia of Robert Townsend when FDLE and other law enforcement were searching for it. As such, had Law Enforcement come after Greene for hiding evidence, that would have been a criminal charge against Greene. We have not heard from the Commission on Ethics but their investigator was in White Springs checking out the various complaints I and Joe had made and as a result we were interviewed separately.

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